JHA CEO Jason Hornung Delivers Marketing Results, Relying On Key Principle That Effective Marketing Is Science, Not Magic

Throughout national business news, media outlets herald the same harrowing message on almost a daily basis: businesses are failing at an alarming rate, especially small to medium sized businesses or startups. One of the key reasons? Their marketing isn’t effective, either in reaching their prospective customers, or in conveying the value of their product.

It’s because of this, that one Tucson area CEO is providing up to and over 200% returns per advertising dollar spent. Jason Hornung founded his digital marketing firm, JasonHornungAgency.com, on one key differentiator from other marketing agencies: marketing is a science based on messaging research rather than waving a Harry Potter wand and making customers magically appear at businesses’ front doors, be they bricks and mortar or virtual.

In fact, Inc.com recently echoed similar sentiment, saying, “For many companies, marketing seems like the department of magic. CEOs understand the concept of sales, and there is little confusion about operations or finance. But marketing remains an enigma. When it works, everyone is excited. The business grows mystically. When it fails, few can explain . . . The first challenge is to find a clear definition for marketing.”

It’s no surprise that the businesses Hornung works with are in need of a scientific, research-based definition of marketing. With so many businesses floundering or outright failing, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently chimed in on the need for small business success, declaring that “small businesses are the engine of job growth in our economy.”

By analyzing marketing campaigns going back more than 10 years, Hornung built a digital marketing powerhouse that has his clients raving. Most notably, internet marketing legend Frank Kern recently noted, “I just looked at the [JHA] reports for the past 45 days and every dollar you’ve spent on my campaigns has returned $2.17 back to me. I’ve done nothing. You’re basically making me free money.”

That such a notable figure praised his work was indeed gratifying, but of little surprise to Hornung. “What we do is focus on the marketing message used in our clients’ advertising, while others will try to make something fancy, creative or entertaining,” said Hornung. “It’s our scientifically tested and refined systems that create the ability for my clients to stand out from their competition, double their revenue or more, and consequently dominate their market.”

“What we find at JHA is that most businesses are constantly bombarded by internet marketing firms offering SEO services as a way to drive business. This inevitably puts that business into a bidding or price comparison model for that one SEO service offered by so many firms. Sure, at JHA we do offer SEO services, but much more importantly, we put proven marketing strategy to work rather than just offering piece meal internet marketing. This is how we double advertising dollars for our clients.”

To learn more about Hornung and Jason Hornung Agency, Inc., click on the company’s website at: http://jasonhornungagency.com/.