Jesse Rodriguez, Seattle Credit Repair Expert, Assists Consumers With Credit Bureau Battles

Credit repair expert and owner of Seattle-based Cobalt Credit Services, Jesse Rodriguez has been impacting lives by assisting individuals stuck with big headaches with the Credit Bureaus and Collection Agencies. Consumers facing challenging issues regarding their credit reports are often left frustrated with little to no solutions on how to correct major errors with their personal credit files.

“With more than 80% of credit reports containing significant misinformation, the likelihood of you or me having a lower credit score due to something out of our hands has gone way up,” said Jesse Rodriguez. “The credit bureaus know this information is wrong and are happy keeping things this way because lower credit score data is sold at a premium to its merchants. Lower credit scores based upon errors and not bad financial habits mean higher profits with lower risk, it all boils down to more money for them at your expense.”

Consumer Law Attorney and staff member with the National Consumer Law Center Leonard Bennett, supports the claims made by Jesse Rodriguez in a previous congressional hearing. “There is no discretion exercised, Equifax outsources all of its reinvestigations to a company in the Philippines who is paid .57 per dispute regardless of how substantive and TransUnion does the same to India, where all that is done by the CRA’s is to code the disputes into one of 3-4 codes…our concern is that without a requirement that all relevant information be provided there will not be a means to convey the consumer disputes from the bureaus to the furnishers of information.”

Finding inaccuracies on your report report can be very daunting as it is, but not having a trustworthy resource to help fight against huge corporations like the credit bureaus makes it even harder. Guiding individuals in the right direction and even allowing them to outsource all of the dirty work to a credit repair services provider can make the difference between staying in the low credit score category or enjoying all the rewards associated with a good credit report and score. Consumers across America are giving up on improving their credit situations because they cannot find a reputable company to help them and the loss to their pocketbooks can be tremendous. Jesse Rodriguez has been a student of the credit industry for over 10 years specializing in connections with local real estate and mortgage operators in the greater Seattle area.

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