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Entrepreneur Jerica Glasper is set to host episodes of Business Innovators Radio.  Business Innovators Radio is an online newscast featuring sit-down interviews with experts and influencers sharing their strategies for success. 

Entrepreneur Jerica Glasper will be hosting episodes for Business Innovators Radio, an online newscast featuring influencers sharing their strategies for success. Glasper excels in getting clients powerful publicity in various media platforms, positioning them as an authority in their industry, and increasing the online presence and clout of business owners and professionals.

“It is such an honor to have the opportunity to host Business Innovators Radio. I am so excited to be part of such a compelling movement and to have the opportunity to interview awesome guests,” said Glasper.  

“Business Innovators Radio is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge with our listeners.”  

Jerica Glasper is the PR and Marketing Director for Expert Status Media & Marketing, an authority marketing agency based out of Dallas that helps brands and professionals make a name for themselves within their industry.  Glasper and her agency create opportunities for business owners and other professionals and generate ideas that aim to get her clients’ names out there.  They hope to open new doors for brands and professionals giving them the opportunity to enter new markets and compete with others within their industry.  Glasper and her agency work hard and intelligently to make sure brands and professionals are heard, seen and paid for the value they bring to the marketplace.  

In addition to her work with Expert Status Media, Glasper has an extensive background working for two Fortune 500 companies as a small business account executive who worked with over 800 local small businesses to help them grow their brand’s reach and increase their bottom line. 

Business Innovators Radio show can be found or on iTunes, YouTube, Spreaker, Stitcher and iHeart Radio.

For more information about Jerica Glasper and her agency, connect with her on LinkedIn. Jerica is open to receiving radio show pitches to interview awesome guests. 

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