Jenn Arredondo Talks Mindful Motherhood: Finding Flow, Abundance, and Bliss When the Doo Doo Hits the Fan

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Jenn Arredondo of Soul Garden Space recently spoke with Tamara Patzer, host of Women Innovators Radio Show about her new Mindful Motherhood Series and Mom’s Retreat, “Mindful Motherhood: Finding Flow, Abundance, and Bliss When the Doo Doo Hits the Fan.” The retreat offers a video series where moms can focus on themselves without needing to leave home. It will be available now through the 21st, 2019. That’s 11/11 for 11 days! Participants can subscribe for replays.

Go here now:“I support burnt out moms who find it hard to focus on their own needs because they are so busy putting everyone else’s needs first,” Arredondo said. “With my program, I help moms create simple self-care habits and I’m known as the ‘Mom Nurturer’.”

The Mindful Motherhood Series/Mom Retreat videos cover topics such as:

  • How not to lose yourself while discovering how to be a mom
  • How Mindfulness creates lasting, loving relationships
  • How to find worth in yourself, and not just from being a mom
  • How you can model mindfulness and self-care to your kids so they can create healthy habits and practice it for themselves

Some guests include:

Hunter Clarke-Fields is a mindfulness mentor, host of the Mindful Mama podcast, creator of the Mindful Parenting membership, and author of the upcoming book, Raising Good Humans. 

Leigh Koechner is a Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, International Speaker, Parenting Expert for Deepak Chopra’s Global Wellbeing App JIYO, and Executive Producer on The Mindfulness Movement Film with Deepak Chopra, Poonacha Machiah, Jewel and Rob Beemer.

Katie Bressack is an award winning health coach who specializes in women’s hormonal health, and the women she counsels prepare their bodies for pregnancy, increase energy levels, get their periods back and on track, lose weight, eat healthier and maintain a balanced mood.

Dr. Sheryl G. Ziegler, Motherhood Maven, a Doctor of Psychology specializing in children and families, has led over 10,000 face-to-face sessions focused on mommy burnout and its related issues, including anxiety, depression, and divorce. Her book is Mommy Burnout.

Anahata (Holly Hallowell) is the Channel of The Anahata Codes. Her unique Modality is known as The Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine and is practiced by thousands of students around the world and facilitated by dozens of Certied Anahata Code Practitioners.

Jennie Edwards is a transformational photographer and videographer that helps mompreneurs activate their awesomeness, be their best self and achieve greater results with productivity and accountability.

The interviews are real, short, and to-the-point conversations with moms sharing their expert tips and tools. To sign up to participate in the free event, visit:

As an Energetic Bodyworker and Yogini, Arredondo effortlessly weaves together the body, mind and spirit connection. Through meditation, communicating with guides, shamanic teachings and other healing modalities she delves deeper into this connection, and she is delighted to share these gifts of with anyone who wishes to receive them. Jenn and her soulmate Aaron Arredondo founded Soul Garden Space which helps grow your soul through love, creativity and healing arts.

Recently, she and Aaron formed Soul Garden Productions and launched a Kids Edutainment series called “The Boogalie Woogalies.” (Think of The Muppets for music education.) To learn more about the Boogalie Woogalies music education programming visit:

About Jenn Arredondo

Jenn Arredondo is a Speaker, Author, Healer, and “Mom Nurturer.” Jenn is the Creatress of “Isagaya Flow” helping people of all walks of life manage their stress in minutes utilizing her signature movement, breath, and energy techniques. She is a national presenter and performer sharing stages with global transformational leaders including Marianne Williamson. Jenn’s other passions lie in music, dance and the holistic healing arts. As a Holistic Healing artist, she combines her fine skills into movement therapy. She has also founded two organizations aligned with the holistic healing arts. Breathe Bodyworks, a source for healing the mind body, spirit and Soul Garden Space, which helps grow your soul through love, creativity and healing arts. Episodes of Soul Garden Space are available on YouTube at:

Jenn and her husband encourage community to come together to cultivate their passions and purpose. They are committed to providing tools that allow for a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle. Together they also run Soul Garden Sprouts, a community which shares ideas, playshops, and gatherings with the intention of nurturing the souls of children as well as ourselves. Her product line, “Soul Garden Space” launched in 2010 including DVD’s, CD’s and yoga props, which has brought Jenn’s unique style and engaging energy into the convenience of people’s homes. Since 2013, Jenn ‘s YouTube show Soul Garden Space TV was debuted educating the globe on holistic living and its profound benefits in healing themselves and the planet.

For more information about Jenn Arredondo’s recent projects and her company Soul Garden Space visit: To learn more about Breath Body Works visit:

Episodes of Soul Garden Space are available on YouTube at:

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