JC Soto Shares How To Use Mobile And Authority Marketing To Increase Visibility and Credibility

JC Soto of  Mobile Website Denver (www.mobilewebsitedenver.com) announces a new internet marketing service that combines authority and mobile marketing. Consumers are becoming more savvy with their buying habits and they seem to want to buy from businesses they know, like and trust. Everything else being equal, today’s consumer will most likely gravitate to the businesses perceived as the authorities in their industry.

This is not new consumer behavior, but it’s a deeper understanding into the mind and thinking of today’s educated shopper. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are making it easier for consumers to compare businesses side by side, right on the spot. With the abundance of information available on the Internet, businesses have to find a way to gain visibility, create trust and become an authority in their industry in order to stay ahead.

However, this abundance of information can also become an obstacle for the average consumer. Doing research before making a purchase can take an enormous amount of time and can become confusing. Time is something that a lot of consumers have in very short supply. With this challenge in mind, many smart businesses have taken the lead and are offering consumer education to help clear the confusion. This also helps them to be viewed as the authority in their industry. Soto states, “When a business takes the lead to educate its current and potential customers and becomes their advocate by providing honest advice, that business will be perceived as the authority.”

Soto suggests these three online platforms as parts of an effective Authority Marketing Plan:

Number One – Podcasts. A podcast is digital content, usually in audio or video format. Mobile device users can subscribe to it or stream the information. It is made up of new content that educates the potential or current customer about a subject related to your business. They can be produced regularly to help keep potential and current customers engaged. It also helps the business to be perceived as an educator and an authority.

Number Two – Google Hangouts. A Google Hangout is a video chat and instant messaging platform developed by Google. It allows users to hold conversations between two or more users. Even though it is designed to be used online through the Gmail or Google+ websites, it can also be accessed through mobile apps available for Android and iOS (iPhone operating system).

Number Three – YouTube. YouTube has been around for a while now, however, most businesses don’t make videos a priority in their online marketing plan. Besides being owned by Google, YouTube Mobile makes up almost 40% of YouTube’s global watch time. Businesses can upload educational videos to their own channel and notify their list about this new content.

Authority Marketing is a buzz phrase we keep hearing about more and more. Smartphones and tablets keep getting  more popular, making a mobile marketing a “must have” for all businesses. Finding ways to combine both to increase sales might be the wave of the future.

For more info and ideas go to: http://www.linkedin.com/jcsoto.