JB Owen, “The Pink Billionaire,” Brings 21 International Female Authors To San Francisco, CA On May 16th – 17th To Launch The Latest Compilation Book: “Ignite Your Life For Women”

Only once will they be together to celebrate this outstanding accomplishment in San Francisco, CA; May 16th – 17th in an exciting evening book launch, Barnes and Noble book signing, and a fabulous lunch-and-learn speaker panel. https://www.igniteyou.life/ignite-san-fransisco

With authors from 9 countries on 5 different continents, Ignite Your Life for Women supersedes all other books of its kind. It takes readers on an epic journey of perseverance, determination and overcoming incredible odds. Thirty-five heartfelt stories, inspire readers to pursue their dreams and go after their greatest desires. Each page motivates and encourages individuals to live their life to the fullest, focusing on areas of Business/Finances, Health/Wellness, Relationships, Parenting, and Personal Growth. Every story includes a unique power quote, personal intention, transformative ‘IGNITE’ moment and doable action step. The entire purpose of this book is to get the readers, taking action and improving their own lives.

Overcoming tremendous odds herself to become a successful leader and outgoing businesswoman, JB Owen is a true philanthropist and self-proclaimed Megapreneur! She has built multiple businesses that span the globe and positively impact women. She is a world-class speaker, trainer, and best-selling author. She focuses on helping others achieve their own extraordinary success by Igniting their Lives and showing them how to Live without Limits. She empowers individuals to attain Xceptional Success by being fearless, fun fabulous and feminine.

JB Owen is referred to as The Pink Billionaire because she fusses bold-business with feminine-flare. She helps female entrepreneurs become fearless and fabulous while infusing fun and femininity into a phenomenal success. She is renowned for assisting women in transitioning from doing what they must to do what they love. She is a master at creating success in others and catapulting entrepreneurs to their next level in business.

Ignite Your Life for Women Is just one of the books in her IGNITE YOU series. Ignite your Life for Female Leaders will launch in July, while Ignite your Life for Men and Ignite Your Parenting come out in August. Ignite the Conscious Leader, Ignite the Millennial Mind and Ignite Your Life for Teens will begin curating authors next month to launch in September. Ignite the Soul, Ignite Your inner Diva, Ignite Your Cancer Journey, Ignite the Female Entrepreneur, and Ignite Your Love life will all be completed in 2019.

“Ignite” moments are those life-altering events that shift our trajectory and change our lives. Many of those moments have had long-term effects until we consciously become aware of the impact they made. Recognizing our ignite moments helps us see ways we can improve and redefine our current experience. Authors came together to produce this book with the hopes of igniting other women to uncover their amazing potential and live their most spectacular lives.

Proceeds of the book will go to support underprivileged girls and women facing financial hardships through the donations of washable feminine products. JB Owen is also the Founder and CEO of Lotus Liners, the most comfortable, reliable, eco-friendly WASHABLE liners on the planet. Authors will also donate copies of the books around the world to their local charities and support centers with the hopes of encouraging all women to IGNITE THEIR LIFE.

Books will be available through Barnes and Nobel and on Amazon.com May 16th, 2019. Free Kindle downloads are obtainable May 16- 20th, 2019.

Reader Reviews

“I couldn’t wait, I had to open it as soon as it arrived! The unraveling of events is like watching a Warner Brothers production. I could feel my heart racing at pivotal moments. The writing is picturesque, and honesty is moving. Valerie B.

“Very inspiring and heartwarming. A wonderful read of real women who faced their worst nightmares and challenges and found their real selves in the process. A book that will strengthen your belief in good and inspire you to find and love yourself. A must read!”. Julie S.

Ignite Your Life for Women is a marvelous book which will appeal to women of all ages. This collection of real-life stories from women from all walks of life will inspire you to recognize what you truly want to do with your life. Practical suggestions, following each story, provide the tools to help you identify your core strengths and how to achieve your dreams. Marilyn W

Contributing Authors

Alex Jarvis, Andrea Reindl, Angela Legh, Annie Lebrun, Astuti Martosudirdjo, Carol Benson, Catherine Malli-Dawson, Cynthia Morgan, Deepanjali Sapkota, Dr. Judy Gianni, Georgia Vanderville, Heather Kerr, Helle Brodie, Jade Green, JB Owen, Jenni Walke, Jennifer Monaghan, Joanna Mercado Peters, Karyn Kerr Pettigrew, Katarina Amadora, Lourdes Aldanondo, Marnie Tarzia, Phyllis Roberto, Rosalyn Palmer, Rusti L Lehay, Shannon Silvermoon, Shirley Whing Chow, Stacey Yates Sellar, Susanne Rodriguez, Suzanne Hall, Taranum Khan, Trish Mrakawa, Valentine Owen, Virginia L Lehay, and Vivien Hunt.

Celebrity Endorsement.

Lisa Nichols- Speaker, Author and Celebrity from the movie, The Secret says, “You are the designer of your density: you are the author of your story. Ignite Your Life For Women exemplifies that beautifully and shows how you too can create that in your life.

Hailed as one of the most sought-after female motivation speakers, Nichols lends her support and wisdom to this beautiful book. She invites readers to deep dive into the learning, and uncover their own experiences, that may have come wrapped in sandpaper but became defining moments of self-love and personal success.

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