Jay Levin helps others “Elevate Their Life Process”

Jay Levin had a 14 year stint as a coach with a professional journalism background. He is the founder of one of the most popular urban weekly newspapers in America known as the LA weekly. The LA weekly was the one behind a number of major transformative forces in Los Angeles which was in line with the subject of coverage of Jay Levin before it came into being. Jay had focused on passive changes in the culture and society as the major theme of his reporting earlier on.

This is what he says, and I quote “So I did extensive reporting on this, and then I took a break from media and followed my own interest with no intentions of being a coach. I enrolled in the masters of spiritual psychology program in the University of Santa Monica where I got the practice and fundamental training for my current profession. There I found to my surprise that I had a real gift towards coaching and people turned up at my home and I simply helped them out without charging anything at this point of time. Then within a year’s time, there were around 25-30 people I was coaching and over the years I split my time between coaching and other media projects”. Most individuals only need to rid themselves of the obstacles through raising one’s inner self to a spiritual state so as to be able to regard life’s complexities as simple once more.

Coaching and not therapy is what is needed for this to happen as it will aid the person to embrace all the hindrances of life without fear. This is because the individual would gain the potentialities that lie hidden inside of him and this would in return garner enough power to fight out the difficulties imposed on him by time. “My techniques became popular, so I created group classes so that I could get more people to attend. I created courses on readership, career and business, life elevation, relationships and life mastering which proved to be effective.” Anyone who has been through the coaching of Mr. Jay Levin will agree to having observed major transformations in his life. This is because he takes the approach of alternatives so as to be able to deal with each person’s life in a unique way.

Jay possesses a holistic approach towards philosophy while using techniques that are sure to bring forth positive results. Known as the generous guru due to a balance of heart, soul and wisdom Jay tries to find out the root of the problems and then uses his tools to remove the roots and the causes of all obstacles. Through consistent exercises of deep love, sympathy and awareness jay embarks his students on a journey of self realization and self education to achieve the goals that each of them aspires for.

When asked about the thing that differentiates him from other mentors in the same field of training and coaching Jay has this to say, “I have my own way of working. My courses are pretty effective but others coaches working in the same or similar field also have very effective ways. My experience was gained through hundreds of workshops that I had been through and hence had a huge kit of tools and training modules that I could share with people. So if one thing didn’t work, then I gave them another process to work upon and use. Hence, I gave them an overview of the problem, which is I give them a sense of their own self. I give them a sense of their inner development process and how it is related to the society and how it changes and affects everybody’s behaviors, and not just mental understanding. I also teach them skills like communication skills, mental adjustments skills, readership skills, emotional management skills, relationship skills because the gaps between where we are and where we ought to be is what creates the turbulence is lives. Most of us are poorly trained, and need help to cope with this gap,” Jay then adds, “The more complex life becomes, the more challenges and choices people have, the more they need guidance because you need the skills and the support to manage things going inside and outside you, which wouldn’t happen if life was simpler. Hence there is market for those as the world is gets more complex.”

This is in response to his being asked about his perspective on the trend of people that require constant coaching as well as a supporting hand to steer their lives on the right direction. As he acts as a constant ally to souls that are troubles, Jay’s generosity and compassionate spirit has aided many to dig up their inner selves and be able to generate a habit of self inquiry in the process. Jay has offered unmatched support to many through his supportive nature thus being a blessing to them. Through his unconventional as well as other worldly mechanisms which often prevented people from growth has brought enormous change to the lives of many. What this means is that from the point that a person is in life they are able to elevate and become the master of their destiny through the tools and techniques that are endorsed by Jay Levin.

The use of technology and social media which has caused disruption is most people’s lives these days are well understood by Jay. In order to dissolve the misunderstanding and create a relation of mutual understanding and mutual respect, Jay delves deep into relationship analysis as well. He encourages his students to take his course on relationship skills on the methods they need to learn the tactics of handling conflicts. Most of the times, individuals are unable to handle their own inner turmoil which leads them to seek help so as to be able to deal with the raving turmoil within. He helps one get rid of their negative feelings of the past and develop a sustainable relationship of the present to give them gainful results in the future.

Levin teaches on the methods to become allies and companions in partnering each other through understanding the best ways to take the reactive patterns of each other thus gaining enough knowledge to heal each other on troubled or traumatic grounds. Levin has played an active role in reorienting couples’ mind and psychology so that they understand the foundation and the meaning of their relations in commitment better.

You can learn more by visiting http://www.jaylevin.com/