Jane Baker supercharged own struggling business, now helping others to do the same

Trying to kick-start your business and boost flagging sales can be slow, disheartening work. High-end sales coach and bestselling author Jane Baker knows that from experience. She started her coaching business by following the traditional advice of leading gurus – but, like many others, was led down a rabbit-hole of creating countless funnels and offering mountains of low-end offers that no one wanted to take up. She realised that she had to disrupt the traditional thinking around business growth to find a better way. 

In Jane’s recent book, She Lives Limitlessly, she takes readers through the steps she took to launch her business from nothing to the six-figure success story that it is today. It involved a creative process in which she explored new, innovative ideas and previously unthought of concepts, and worked them into a hugely successful set of actionable strategies that can apply to a whole range of businesses. 

So, after failing to make a single sale in her first six months of coaching, Jane was able to turn her business into a £40k-a-month goldmine. But it’s not just her own business she was able to breathe new life into. She’s got plenty of successful clients from all over the world who have her to thank for their achievements. 

Jane has catapulted struggling start-ups to £400k-a-year businesses in a matter of months, and has helped countless entrepreneurs reach a consistent, high income. One of her recent clients was even able to go from making zero sales in twelve months, to replacing their entire annual corporate wage in just two weeks. 

Jane Baker has taken the sales of so many businesses to unimaginable heights. Her one-to-one coaching offers you the chance to do the same, with a proven formula that has supercharged even the most low-income businesses. 

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