Jack Warren San Diego Business Radio Personality | The Importance Of Internet Radio To Every Business

Jack Warren, a San Diego Business Radio Personality says, “Most people think you cannot reach listeners with Internet radio, that Internet radio is not as effective as old fashioned radio. That just is not the case.” People that are looking at Internet radio in the same way one used to look at traditional radio often ask questions like: How many listeners do you have? What is your reach? Who are your listeners?

These questions made sense in the days before Internet radio because the broadcast had one chance of being heard, and then it was gone. Radio Lounge USA writes,  “Radio stations try their best to match the demographics of their listeners to the demographics of your customers. This includes common demographics of your customers like age, gender, education and income level.”

Internet radio can be tracked through your website, but does not necessarily mean that much like it did in old fashioned media. Internet radio has very targeted, specific listeners because they usually find your radio show or audio content through search engines making them highly qualified listeners.

Quality is more important than quantity. As the owner of one major station said,  “Psychographics instead of demographics are more important.” Your listeners can be from anywhere in the world. With Internet radio you have a worldwide reach with listeners who are attracted based on content spread virally. Each person interviewed should distribute their interview to their own fan base. Cost, unlike old fashioned media, does not depend on time of day but rather length of studio time.

The person being interviewed on Internet radio should want to use this form of media to have a broader reach; for the ability to use the MP3 recording of the interview in their social media and on their website. A third person interview is always found far more credible than a self-produced monologue.

Once the MP3 recording is in the hands of the person who was interviewed, do as radio personality Jack Warren says, “Spread the word. Each individual has different interests and different methods in which they disseminate their own information. The person being interviewed is their own best advocate of their content and their information.”

This content can be used in whatever social media a person uses: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google plus. Be sure and include good old-fashioned media such as a regular FM radio station as well. The recording can be used in almost any sort of distribution.

Once you are recognized as a leader in your industry and you have knowledge you can share, it’s not what you say, but rather what you do with what you say. For instance, if you were doing a marketing campaign with email directed to people with whom you want to form a relationship, put a hot link in the email to the recent interview that you did. Use demographics to determine the “who.”

Use Psychographics, mentioned above, to determine the patterns that prospects use that determine their buy. Answers the questions consumers are asking before they buy. Why do I want your product? How am I going to use it? Is it right for me?  Can they deliver as promised? What is my risk?

You can see more about and by Jack Warren at: http://www.financial.sandiegoprofessionaljournal.com/radio-jack-warren/.