Is Your Beautiful New Website Worthless? Local-One Founder Alan Earl Bridges Gap Between Site Form And Function

It happens every day, in every market: companies, looking for an initial digital footprint or a revision of their current website, sacrifice the true functionality and revenue-generating power of their website and online presence for the sleek, ego-driven appeal of costly animation and flashy bells and whistles.

According to Inspired Mag, the cost of websites and redesigns ranges from several thousand dollars into the low six figures depending on site functionality, customer interaction, and monetization.  This enormous pricing gap leads many businesses toward visual appeal rather than the more performance-based website aspects of lead generation, sales conversion, ecommerce, social media interaction, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

Local-One Internet Marketing Founder Alan Earl is flipping that model on its’ head, and turning his clients into raving fans in the process.  By blending website form and function, Earl’s company is breaking away from the tried and tested web design model, and working with startups, small businesses, and national enterprises to produce websites that not only astonish with aesthetic appeal, but equally convert visitors into paying customers.

“Businesses should be laser-focused on designing their websites in order to do more than just look good,” stated Earl in a recent interview. “Websites should perform – they should generate leads, web form completions, sales, phone calls, and additional interest through strategic calls to actions. These interactions are all geared towards maximizing ROI on the website, and most importantly produce revenue-generating results from now until forever.

“At Local-One, we make that a reality for businesses of all sizes and in all stages of their web presence. A properly designed and developed website is a tool that can generate high-paying, high-converting traffic and produce real, tangible, bottom line results that businesses cannot ignore nor afford to miss out on.”

Those at the forefront of the web design community echo these sentiments. “You can have information and ease of use and have artistic integrity at the same time. The art of being a good Web designer is getting yourself into that middle ground and treating it as a final destination instead of as a compromise,” commented former Newsvine CEO (which was acquired by MSNBC) and current design chief at Twitter, Mike Davidson.

It’s exactly this mentality that is fueling Local-One’s web design prowess and has future customers lining up at the virtual door of Earl’s business.

“Alan and his team literally saved our event! We had so many problems with our website that our event was in jeopardy until Local-One came to the rescue,” stated Julie Robinson with Alaska Mission of Mercy, a volunteer organization that provides free dental care.  “Once Alan took the helm, our website functioned wonderfully . . . They were responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Because of their assistance, we were able to effectively communicate with over 1332 volunteers and provide $1.16 million in free dental care to 1,589 residents of Alaska. They were truly the super heroes that saved the day!”

“Local-One has made the website design and SEO process so easy for me,” noted Dr. Chris Willis of Spruce Roots Family Dentistry.   “They have been so responsive to our needs.  I love that I can be as involved/uninvolved as I want to be.  Sometimes you can handle things for yourself and other times you just need the professionals to take the reins . . . I would recommend them to anyone looking to develop or enhance their web presence.”

Given the company also provides SEO, social media marketing, and a suite of other services, Local-One’s web design clients take advantage of the Local-One’s expertise in those areas as well, comprising a full-spectrum, one-stop shop client experience.

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