Irene West, San Diego Wealth Building Advocate | The Importance Of Gold In Your Financial Future

Irene West, a San Diego wealth building advocate says, “We are facing a global dilemma with the biggest wealth transfer in history within the next decade.”

Wealth never disappears, it merely transfers. When we face a crisis there are two ends to the pendulum, the crisis end and the opportunity end. Most people want to be on the opportunity end. If you agree that we are facing a crisis then you need to start building the foundation of the savings structure that will save you from the crisis. To most, this foundation seems unattainable because it requires too large a sum of money. The truth is that this foundation is attainable for most. It is done with gold. It can be done by buying only one gram of gold at a time.

To be prepared you do need a substantial initial amount to invest in stock, real estate and other hard asset investments. You do not need substantial amounts to start your gold accumulation saving plan. Buying one gram of gold at a time places this plan in the budget of most people.

Gold is the most stable asset class you can be in. It has 5000 years of history. Unlike paper currency, the purchasing power of gold only increases over time. Here is the fact everyone can relate to, 40 years ago one gram of gold could buy 5 loafs of bread and a dollar could buy 4 loafs of bread. 40 years ago the buying power of a dollar and a gram of gold were almost equivalent. Now one gram of gold can buy 20 loafs of bread yet a dollar can only buy a few slices of bread. This is because the purchasing power of paper currency has been diluted by the insatiable printing of paper currency.

To start your plan, look for a very dependable source from which to buy your gold. Look for the highest purity gold which is 999.9K from a LMBA (The London Bullion Market Association) accredited refinery.

Design your plan so it is within your comfort zone and your monthly discretionary money. Save every month. You will be hedging against a paper currency crisis, essentially protecting yourself from the vulnerability of your hard earned money caused by an external calamity such as the banking system, Federal Reserve policy and fiat currency collapse.