Irene Redman Gives Us Advice On Proper Shaving Technique

Many women complain of dryness and irritation directly after shaving, but with the right shaving technique, you can help reduce that. Don’t use regular body wash in place of shaving cream. Body washes often contains ingredients that are both drying and irritating to the skin. 
Items you will need: Exfoliating scrub, shaving cream or gel, new razor, and moisturizer. 1. Exfoliate the area you’re going to shave with a salt or sugar scrub. By exfoliating, you remove dead skin cells, which helps you get a closer shave and allow your razor to glide more smoothly over the skin’s surface. 

2. Use warm water to wet the area you plan to shave, but don’t soak your skin. Soaked skin will swell up around hair follicles, making shaving more difficult. Wet hair is softer to cut. Steam from the shower opens your pores for easier hair removal. 

3. Slather shaving cream or shaving gel, on your legs, covering the area entirely. Do not use soap. 

4. Shave against the direction of hair growth with a sharp, fresh razor. Be firm. Use the right type of razor for you. Razors are designed specifically. Many razors also contain a strip of moisturizer that softens skin and helps reduce irritation. 

5. Moisturize the freshly shaven area with a lotion that contains an anti-inflammatory agent, such as menthol, urea or lactic acid. Anti-inflammatory agents reduce any redness, swelling or irritation that shaving may cause. 

Irene Redman is the founder of Avenue Hair Styling and Day Spa. If you have any questions about Hair and Beauty care please Email her @