Internationally Acclaimed Empowerment Speaker and Business Success Mentor Kristin Swarcheck Appears on Business Innovators Radio


Business Innovators Radio, a popular radio show hosted by award-winning author Alicia Dibrell, recently interviewed Kristin Swarcheck. Kristin is an experienced business success mentor with satisfied clients all over the world. During this episode of the show, she revealed her time-tested mentoring and coaching techniques that have helped numerous high-profile business professionals and entrepreneurs achieve EPIC success not only in their business but across all aspects of their life.

Kristin shares that she is now living out her deepest calling to help her clients create quantum leaps on their path to EPIC success. In 2007, she decided to merge her pre-existing strategic consulting business with her coaching business. Today she is most well-known for her 2 programs: her EPIC Accelerator 90-Day Program and her 17-Day Personal Prosperity Program. Both are designed to deliver breakthrough results by activating the mindset and systems her clients need to achieve prosperity, abundance and financial freedom.

People today are tasked with multiple demands on a regular basis. Often times, this results in the owners getting caught up in all these tasks and failing to execute the steps necessary to achieve their goals. Kristin helps her clients free themselves from that busy and distracting mindset, and generate results that create steady, incremental improvements that lead to massive gains and financial freedom.

Kristin Swarcheck strongly believes that fear is the foremost factor that stops entrepreneurs from achieving their goals. In her opinion, the second most common obstacle is the self-limiting beliefs that most people have. Finally, she also feels that the human tendency to remain attached to the outcomes of an action is another reason for failure.

“We’re so attached to getting this or acquiring that in our life. We are always focused on the achievement of some tangible item. When we operate from this mindset, we lose the moment, and we don’t enjoy our life. We don’t actually live. We’re so future focused that we forget to live,” Kristin said.

Kristin feels that business owners can benefit a great deal by hiring a business success mentor like herself because the mentor can function as a partner, helping them feel empowered throughout their journey. Some of Kristin’s clients have experienced a shift and breakthrough results from the very first day. However, Kristin believes that significant and sustained change requires around four weeks of time.

Explaining her role as a business success mentor, Kristin mentions, “It’s really the mindset shift. It’s helping them to realize that their fears are not real, and they have these thoughts that are often self-limiting beliefs, things that they’ve carried since a very young age. I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and executives to overcome those self-limiting beliefs so that they can go on and live their greatness.”

In addition to being an acclaimed mentor for the entrepreneurs, Kristin Swarcheck is also a Reiki master and a certified Yoga teacher. When she is not busy working with her clients, Kristin loves spending quality time with her three adorable daughters.

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