International Business Strategist Trinise L. Kennedy Shares Small Business Plan to Lower Local Staffing Costs

Trinise L. Kennedy of, leads a group discussion today, at the Empowered Women in Business Group—revealing affordable, local outsourcing options for small business owners and announcing the launch of her new program, “Outsourcing Secrets for the Solopreneur” which shows entrepreneurs how to effectively hire dedicated staff, within their own cities, at little to no cost.

The “Outsourcing Secrets for the Solopreneur” experience hosted by Organizer, Juli Evans of Julismiles, Inc., served as both a live networking and lead-generating event for business owners who attended. Participants were thoughtfully matched with providers, possessing the skills and ability, to fulfill the tasks in need of delegating. By the close of the event, several of the attendees were provided with highly-targeted and qualified fresh leads for their businesses.

“After interviewing numerous solo entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered that most have some element of fear about outsourcing parts of their business. These are companies that have been painstakingly built, from the ground up, usually by the one person who started them. So it’s a very personal thing—like handing your child over for someone else to take care of,” said author, featured speaker and CNN Contributor, Trinise L. Kennedy.

“I’m revealing little-known, highly-effectively strategies that will allow small business owners to locally hire quality staff for far less than they ever imagined. The outsourcing methods I’ve developed are truly unique. My methods are designed to systemize ways of attracting loyal employees, and inspiring them to commit to a company for the long-term, while maximizing profitability for the business,” Kennedy explains., Business & Money:  ‘Outsourcing Can Be for Small Businesses Too,’ echoes Kennedy’s views on the viability of outsourcing solutions for small business owners saying, “Small businesses frequently need help with small projects that may not require a full-time employee. Fortunately, a number of websites have sprung up in recent years that can help you get the temporary help you need to move your company forward.”

The article further mentions, “For starters, think about what projects to outsource and what to do in-house. If it’s core to your mission, you want to maintain as much control as possible,” says, Small Business Tip of the Day.

For solopreneurs (or one-person managed businesses), personal finances are closely linked to business finances. This is one of the many reasons small business owners feel reluctance to spend their hard-earned dollars on hiring new employees.

“Hiring and outsourcing go much deeper than merely cost considerations. It takes a certain mindset to effectively hire key staff. Having the means to outsource is secondary and can be overcome with the right knowledge and the skills to apply it,” says Kennedy.

The affordability of hiring employees has long been one of the biggest concerns of the small business owner. Through her program, Kennedy explains that every business owner has assets which can be leveraged to allow the company to hire the amount of staff required.

These solutions focus mainly on hiring locally-based employees whenever possible, rather than overseas, to maintain the highest level of communication and interaction with staff. Local outsourcing is an option that has previously seemed out of reach for solo entrepreneurs.

Kennedy has successfully applied her outsourcing strategies within direct sales, e-commerce, information technology, energy-based and real estate markets. The outsourcing process covered within her course goes beyond theories—as Kennedy has been delivering these hiring solutions, to small businesses for years, across various countries and industries.

Event attendee and entrepreneur, Pippa Andrew was motivated to start a business plan for hiring and expanding her business after listening to Kennedy share practical local outsourcing techniques with the audience. Andrew remarked, “Sounds amazing! I want to get started with your business services.”

Another audience member, Megan Jaworski was so impressed that she scheduled a one-on-one business strategy session with Kennedy following the event. Jaworski had this to say, “Trinise, thank you for your presentation on outsourcing. You are so inspiring!”

Solo entrepreneur, Chris Herreen, explains how Trinise’s unique strategies have helped move her business forward. Herreen reveals, “I got some new ideas while Trinise was talking on outsourcing. I don’t know why I never thought about it before. Thank you so much for that, Trinise!”

“Trinise’s Outsourcing Secrets Team made viable changes to my existing content. Everything reads a lot better and I am sure it will create a more effective shopping experience for my customers, thus leading to higher conversion rates,” reveals, Anton ILchenko of Beer Towers Australia.

Business owners can get access to the hiring strategies from, “Outsourcing Secrets for the Solopreneur” by going to the course’s official website at: