International Best-Selling Author Eddy Rodriguez Shares His Daily Success Word Of The Day: SMILE!

Eddy Rodriguez is best known for sharing real-life stories and true-life lessons in an interactive conversation with audiences as he speaks in venues across the nation. His 2000-mile journey from Florida to New York, filled with many amazing twists and turns was chronicled in his best-selling book, 10 Million Smiles from FL to NY: It’s not About the Miles, It’s all About the Smiles.

In it, Rodriguez not only shares stories and challenges from being on the road to Manhattan, New York, he also shares the lessons that he received, along with the challenges he learned to overcome. Edwards’ passion is to share the lessons that he has learned throughout his life through the challenges that he has faced so that he can help others to meet their challenges head-on.

In a recent episode of the Business Innovators radio show, hosted by Tamara Patzer, Eddy “Smile” Rodriguez shared his mission of sharing 10 Million smiles around the world. He also shared his “word of the day” for success, which true to his challenge, was “SMILE!” After being a guest on the radio show Daily Success, with Tamara Patzer, Rodriguez contributed a chapter to the best-selling book, Daily Success: Word of the Day, talking about the importance of a smile.

Rodriguez helps people find the gift in all of life’s most challenging moments. Having lived through the death of his oldest child, along with a cerebral hemorrhage 4 months later, Edward learned to look at the gifts life has to offer, not the tragedy in life situations. Edward Rodriguez is a guide in finding self-trust, confidence, and understanding the game of life and he teaches people how to create more fun in your life while reducing stress.

Just after his interview on the Business Innovators radio show, Eddy learned that he has lung cancer and he now fighting for his life. Help Eddy achieve his mission of 10 Million smiles around the world and visit his Go Fund Me at:

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