International Best-Selling Author Coach Introduces 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind Launching 2021

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With all of the white noise and same advice that we hear on a daily basis, it’s time to come up with a new strategy for making change. One that is authentic, has meaning and purpose. According to author coach and strategist, Dawn Bates, that something new is your own story, using your own words and your own voice! People genuinely, and so desperately, want to be inspired and inspire others especially in today’s world, which can often feel very isolating. They want to know they’re not alone and that they too can achieve the same type of success that they see others accomplishing. 

Sharing what you have gone through, to get to where you are today, is often a difficult story to share. But it is the most powerful narrative that you will ever share! With 22 years of coaching, leadership, cultural diversity, human rights and community cohesion, cross-cultural communication, publishing and writing for business and movement success, Dawn Bates has the passion to coach individuals who are eager to be the change in the world by using their story to empower others.

International, multiple times best-selling author, Dawn Bates, is also an author coach and strategist, publisher, captivating speaker, Digital Ocean Nomad and is known equally as much for her wealth of experience as she is for her infectious giggle and no-nonsense approach. Bates is the author of several enlightening reads that exemplify her talent for writing and shedding light on interpersonal and relational topics. These include:

  • The Trilogy of Life Itself, a work that captures world events from the last 30 years and serves as a time capsule that ties together the intricate aspects that have made these decades so fascinating. 
  • Crossing The Line, a story of love, compassion and forgiveness; of taking control of your own life and fighting for what you believe in. It is a story of a single parent’s strength, resilience and courage.
  • Becoming Annie – The Biography of a Curious Woman, highlights defining moments of determining self for women who are still hiding in the shadows. Readers learn how one of Australia’s Leading CEO’s Annie Gibbins redefines what it means to be a woman in the corporate world and how individuals relate to one another.

She is also Executive Contributor for the House of Preeminence and One Tribe magazines. Known for having a passion for empowering others to be leaders and writers, Bates will be leading a 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind, in 2021, where she will utilize her more than 22 years of continuous professional and personal development, relentless passion for study to help those who are wanting to be a part of global change themselves and who want to publish books with powerful messages. The course has 11 slots available and as many are aware, Bates has a distinct reputation for being highly selective in regards to who she works with. As she utilizes her strong moral compass to guide her in the projects she chooses to take on, this allows her to deliver impeccable service to all of her clients.

As many individuals have experienced, in their attempt to writing a book, it can be quite difficult to develop a concept, begin the process and not lose focus before actually completing it. With Bates’ expertise, shared in her 7-Month AUTHORity course, she will teach individuals to redefine their understanding of Leadership, reexamine their business roadmap, the life they seek and even their own personal truths. Recognizing that there is nothing more powerful than truth, Bates will guide entrepreneurs, executives and individuals on a journey where they will be able to tap into their most inner authenticities. From this, individuals will obtain a full awareness of their consciousness and turn it into a powerful narrative. 

In addition to the AUTHORity Mastermind program, Bates offers several mentorship and author coaching opportunities.  Using a genuine, passionate and straightforward approach, Bates is remarkably focused on helping her clients bring positive change to the world. She specializes in the following topics: 

Authoring Your Life – Helping individuals understand the importance of their story.

Female Leadership – Takes women on a transformational journey and empowers them to lead with confidence.

Global Impact – Demolishes social stereotypes and discusses relevant topics in today’s world.

Family First – Identifies everyday family issues to address, including the healing of oneself.

Female Empowerment – Guides women to igniting inner fires and locating passion in order to see possibilities.

Heart of the Matter – Leads individuals deep into their soul on a discovery mission to owning their inner being.

Other empowering programs that Bates offers are: 

  • 1 to 1 Coaching: A great kick-starter for CEO’s, executives and entrepreneurs with an idea for a book collaboration, who are ready to lead a group of leaders, or who simply want to take their leadership to the next level. Bates’ customized leadership coaching provides unique and effective tools and strategies that propel individuals in all stages of life forward confidently!
  • Vision Creation Sessions: Half-day sessions that enable individuals to explore what their next level vision looks like. Receiving sound advice from Bates, individuals receive guidance on creating an action plan and learn how to implement change quickly so that moving in the right direction starts immediately.

For the 11 elite members of Bates’ 7-Month AUTHORity, they will receive the fortuitous opportunity of working closely with Bates, in 2021, when the course begins. And, they will quickly appreciate the well-planned system for the knowledge and motivation that it brings with it. Deeper healing, life-changing and vision creating! 

Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler is a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business.