Intenze Ink Founder Mario Barth Sets Tattoo Industry Standards

Mario Barth, founder of Intenze Inks, a manufacturer and distributor of state of the art tattoo ink, has seen the art of tattooing progress from humble beginnings. Barth grew up in Austria, where at the time, tattooing was illegal. Starting with his first tattoo in 1978, a time before today’s machines, needles and ink coloring, he began the process in his kitchen with a blender and a basic black ink. As a burgeoning artist, he felt the need to push past his limitations, but did not have the tools at his disposal to do so.

That’s where the seed of an idea began for him. He realized that if he could develop an ink with more versatility than what he began with in those early days, the possibilities were limitless. Developing a pigment that performs consistently regardless of the artist or conditions would help take the guesswork out of tattooing. He instinctively knew that quality control was the key to producing the kind of product that would allow the artist to preform to the highest standards.

“When I look back at 1978, I realize a lot has changed. But our core remains the same. I still use this ink every single day. Today, we produce over 250 colors. We just tore down the cleanest manufacturing facility in the business to build a cleaner one. We’re constantly trying to find better ways to produce a safer, higher quality ink,” he explained. “But ultimately, our work comes down to one simple goal. To make tools that let artists achieve the unimaginable.”

Intenze Inks maintains the highest standards in the business. Barth wouldn’t have it any other way. From being the first company to label tattoo ink to developing a fingerprint like system that traces every bottle’s journey from the manufacturer to the artist, Barth’s company vision has always remained the same.

“I guess that’s why we’re hard on our ink. We understand that artists and clients are ultimately going to get out of it what we put into it. It’s why I test it on myself. It’s why we sterilize, mix and bottle our product in a Grade-8 clean room. And it’s why all the ink we produce is tested and validated by third party labs.”

Today Intenze Inks authorized dealers span the globe. From North America, Europe, South America, the Far East and stretching all the way to Australia and New Zealand, Intenze Inks are sought out by the world’s best artists. Over time these artists have developed a loyalty to the Intenze brand that has produced a collaboration of the very best in the industry.

The “Unleash Your Potential” campaign is a joint effort between Barth’s labs and the world’s most highly rated artists. The guiding principles of his company have led these artists to collaborate with him on ink development and to provide outreach in the form of tutorials, tips and guidance on their specific tattooing styles. Barth knows education and outreach are key factors in elevating the industry as a whole.

“We can’t stop trying to make our ink better. We won’t stop. In the process, we hope that we’re helping create a higher standard in the industry with tools that our clients and artists can depend on. Ultimately, we believe our obsession combined with the artist’s passion can push the science of tattooing into possibilities we never could have imagined.”

Mario Barth has experienced a multitude of changes in his 36 year journey. His quest to provide his artists and their clients with the very best experience possible will always remain the core value his company adheres to. He has been recognized with over 200 International Awards and has a celebrity clientele including Sylvester Stallone, Usher, Tommy Lee and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. Mario currently maintains a two year waiting list to get a tattoo from him personally at one of his five tattoo shops including his latest venture, Starlight Tattoo at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

From humble beginnings, Mario Barth is the embodiment of an obsession to be the best. His Intenze Ink venture is a reflection of his never ending quest to set the highest quality standards possible in the industry. This in turn provides the best experience for both the artists he serves and their clients.

More information about Intenze Inks and Mario Barth can be found at the Intenze Inks website: