Inspirational Author Carole Sacino Reaches Amazon Best Seller Status

Carole Sacino, author, speaker, coach and founder of Turning Point Institute, recently achieved the rank of Amazon Best Seller with her new book, “Build Your A-Game: Be Seen – Be Heard – Be Remembered.”

The book was released on April 11, 2014 by SDP Publishing, LLC – a leader in publishing solutions.

Sacino’s “Build Your A-Game: Be Seen – Be Heard – Be Remembered” achieved best-seller status in three categories, reaching as high as #4 in the ‘Personal Success’ category. The book also reached best-seller status in the following categories: ‘Leadership’ and ‘Personal Finance.’

“Build Your A-Game: Be Seen – Be Heard – Be Remembered” helps people discover, build and bring their A-game to work and life, a topic Sacino is passionate about. She is an Executive Coach, Board Certified in Emotional Intelligence and is a Motivation Factor Partner. Turning Point Institute was started after Sacino served over twenty years in corporate America.

An accomplished executive, she is known as a provider of solutions for an individual’s untapped potential in their personal and professional lives so their best self is brought forward. Her clients span the globe.  

The intention of “Build Your A-Game: Be Seen – Be Heard – Be Remembered” is simply to create awareness for anyone in the areas they may not consciously be thinking about or had forgotten. Used as a gentle reminder, and more importantly, to think about what is wanted or desired in life and how to go about creating it.

“Build Your A-Game” is now available on Amazon.

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