In Response To The Volatile Economy, Indigo Performance Group Announces Service To Help Businesses See Increased Profits

Daniel Joseph, Managing Partner at Indigo Performance Group began offering “Proven Marketing Campaigns” to help businesses in their efforts to increase sales while people are pulling back on their spending. According to US News, people are spending less partially due to tax hikes that went into effect in January of 2013.

“One of the biggest challenges we see businesses facing, is spending precious money on marketing, without being 110% sure they will see a positive return. These businesses all know that they have to market their business. But they have absolutely no idea what marketing campaign they can implement that is guaranteed to bring in immediate sales. This ultimately leaves them very frustrated and confused.”

The US Small Business Administration, the leader in lending to small businesses all over the country echoes Joseph’s statements on the importance of effectively marketing ones business.

The SBA elaborated, “Businesses need to determine a percentage of gross income to spend annually on marketing. They need to engage in at least one marketing activity every day.”

Contrary to what most business owners believe, there are only three ways to increase revenues: Increase the number of new customers, increase the conversion rates of prospects to customers and increase the number of times a customer purchases from them.

A great campaign to start with is a Past Customer Reactivation campaign. The easiest customers to sell to are the ones that have already done business with them in the past. These customers are often neglected, abused and taken for granted.

Most businesses operate under the notion that since the customer chose to do business with them the first time, they will automatically choose to do business with that particular business again. With the average consumer being subjected to over a 1,000 marketing messages per day, business owners need to get intentional about retaining customers.

They can start by doing something as simple as extending a personal invitation for customers to do business with them again. The costs involved in this are essentially none. If a business sends their customers emails, then this campaign can be done free of charge.

If a business decides to mail something to customers’ homes, they can start out with a small amount to test the customer response. Then they can increase the number of customers mailed once the first set of mailed customers return to buy again.

Setting up marketing campaigns like this that are proven to work are not just theory, as Daniel Joseph has been initiating these types of campaigns for years.

“Our business was suffering. When Daniel came along, I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy,” said J.D. Seardall, operator of a manufacturing company.

Mr. Seardall explained how he used a customized proven marketing campaign provided by Daniel to help turn his manufacturing company completely around.

“Through reactivating my past customers, I was able to create $10,000 in orders in just one week, and consistently manufacture orders totalling $1,000 per day without incurring any additional expenses.”

Business owners can reach Daniel Joseph about available proven marketing campaigns at the company website