In Response To Client Complaints Against Attorneys, Tampa Lawyer Offers Boutique Experience

Richard Mitzel of Richard M Mitzel, PA understands the frustration many personal injury attorney clients feel when they can’t reach their attorney and their calls are not returned, that is why he offers a boutique experience. “People call me every week and tell me they have an attorney, but they don’t know how their case is doing since they can’t get in touch with their lawyer. They ask me, is this normal?” says Attorney Richard Mitzel.  “Of course I am unable to help them as they already have counsel.  That is why I have structured my practice as a boutique experience, so I can offer my clients a high level of personal service…for example when a new client retains me, I provide them with me personal cell phone number, so they can reach me at any time.”

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart talked about customer service in a way that echoes Attorney Mitzel’s statement about the importance of providing a high level of personal service. Walton said, “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” This is about providing a high level of service to a client that is typically under a lot of stress when they retain a personal injury attorney.  So having the attorney involved with the client from the initial meeting, not an assistant, paralegal or investigator, all the way through to the successful resolution of their case is essential.

Mitzel believes that a personal connection with the client is important, that is why he handles all aspects of the case personally from start to finish. This high level of service has been a hallmark of Attorney Mitzel’s law practice for over 30 years. Arthur Betts says, “Ric Mitzel is unlike any lawyer I have ever met.  He is truly dedicated. He will spend time helping a client get the justice they deserve.”

Benjamin Ripley says, “Richard Mitzel has the depth of character and high integrity you would look for when you needed the closest of friends, and is so much more comforting in your time of need because you know he is there for you legally. I can think of no one else I would trust as much as Attorney Richard Mitzel, he has your back, period.”

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