In A Bullied World, Expert Consultant Todd Gaster Empowers Children To Be Bully-Proof

The bullying and cyber-bullying debate has been slung, hurled, and posted throughout the nation’s schools for years now, but it finally reached what CNN called a “tipping point” last fall when a 12 year-old girl – after years of being bullied, both live and online – committed suicide. In the fallout, two former classmates were arrested and charged under Florida aggravated stalking law. A Cosmopolitan article highlighted the miserable story and fallout, and national news ate it alive with differing viewpoints as to whether the charges were justified or unwarranted. The charges on the two classmates were later dropped and they returned to school, but the damage was – unfortunately – both severe and irreversible.

“Bullying is in the news daily,” says expert Self-Help Consultant Todd Gaster. “Typically most people focus on stopping the bully. And as we know, you can’t control other people. So my focus is on creating magnificent human beings . . . that are bully-proof.” Gaster’s words couldn’t be more appropriate. Even the girl’s mother was focused on the root cause of the bullying tragedy, saying that “the real work is going to be making parents aware, to be more involved with their kids,” and paying attention to all of their actions, be they the bullies or the bullied.

Rather than concentrate on the bullies, Gaster works with children’s self-esteem and self-image to make them “bully-proof,” or developing a positive piece of inner Kevlar, much like a cop’s standard issue vest. His process involves “empowering children to thrive from within. We develop ownership of their four core powers so that they can become the best version of themselves they can be.” He continued, “We aim to transform the culture of the planet one child at a time.”

Through this approach Gaster accomplishes two key objectives: kids aren’t so prone to taking other’s criticism so seriously; and by teaching so many kids that they themselves control their self-worth, there just simply won’t be such a bullying culture. Parents, coaches, and education professionals are praising Gaster for his dynamic bully-proof work. “Todd’s view on bullying and being bully-proof is absolutely the right way to go about this epidemic,” commented Alex Changho, owner of Enrollment Dojo. “Todd focuses on the solution of building up the confidence of the youth of our country.” Professional Speaker Joe Williams went a step further, adding, “The reach and scope of Todd’s work is affecting not only children but parents . . . People throughout the world . . . Making magnificent humans is what Todd is doing.”

“Every program out there focuses on stopping the bully and anti-bullying,” commented Gaster. “What we need to be focused on is ourselves. We need to empower our children to thrive from within; to understand their true worth and value. When a child chooses to esteem themselves – when they have self-appreciation, self-acceptance, and self-esteem – they are not only bully-proof, but they are able to manifest a life of their highest and best potentials; a life they were designed to live.”

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