ICEY-TEK USA Designates Rev Powersports As an Authorized Dealer of Their Rugged Rotomolded Coolers

Huntingdon, Tennessee based ICEY-TEK USA has partnered with the renowned outdoor equipment distributor Rev Powersports, who will now be able to sell ICEY-TEK ice chest coolers. Both companies possess an extensive history in their respective industries, enjoying a distinguished reputation providing convenient solutions for outdoor adventure lovers.

The reputation that Rev Powersports possesses as distinguished outdoor equipment distributors is backed up by the quality of their products. They are leading distributors in their field. Similarly, ICEY-TEK USA is known for selling rotomolded coolers of the highest quality at fair prices. They state that they strive to be the only source necessary for their customers’ outdoor ice chest cooler needs.

Rev Powersports seeks to complement their extensive catalog with outstanding customer attention, as they state that they strive to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction daily. They seek to become the preferred option for their customers based on these merits. Collin Johnson, the owner of the company, says, “Here at Rev Powersports, we are constantly trying to bring new product offerings to our customers. ICEY-TEK provides us with a top of the line cooler at an affordable price point that our customers love. To top it off, we are supporting a company that is locally operated and is 100% veteran owned.”

It is this commitment towards the community that attracted the attention of ICEY-TEK USA. Company CEO Patrick Mudge expressed their enthusiasm for their new partnership, saying, “We are excited to add Rev Powersports to our team of ICEY-TEK USA Authorized Dealers. Quality attracts quality, and Rev Powersports is a respected member of the business community and outdoor sporting community here in the greater Huntingdon-Jackson, TN area.”

This partnership has been officially in effect since this Veteran’s Day 2019, though they have only recently finished the preparations necessary to effectively distribute ICEY-TEK’s products in 2020 with the guaranteed excellence that is expected of both companies. This commitment is outlined in several of ICEY-TEK USA’s customer reviews, as the company’s employees are described as knowledgeable individuals who show a clear dedication to helping their clients find the best solution for their needs.

These principles have maintained since the product line’s founding, as ICEY-TEK was originally started in Australia in the late 1990s by three avid outdoorsmen who saw there was a need for a better, more accessible icebox that was durable and could withstand being thrown around and even jumped on. While it took a while to get where they are now, and their first few models had few of the functions that they possess today, improvements came quickly, and ICEY-TEK grew steadily. As such, they quickly made a distinguished name for themselves and established distributorships in many countries including the United States.

ICEY-TEK has shown throughout the years that they are not afraid to innovate, as they were the first to develop a line of long iceboxes specially designed for fishermen, who would now be able to put their catch into an icebox without problems. Campers and outfitters grew to love this style of ice chest as well and, to this day, their long box coolers remain top sellers.

ICEY-TEK USA’s products include ice coolers of all sizes and shapes, from their smaller 25 Quart models up to 1,100 Quart, as well as water coolers, cooler top seat cushions, and spare cooler parts for replacement. All these products ship across the continental US, with free shipping for all orders. Discounts for military and first responders are available continuing the company’s commitment to helping veterans.

ICEY-TEK USA’s website includes more information on its products and payment methods, as well as customer reviews that attest to their quality. Representatives of the company have invited interested parties to connect with them through their preferred social media platforms, where they notify followers of any discounts and special promotions. Learn more here: ICEY-TEK USA Facebook Page.

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