How Bestselling Status Creates Authority And Increases Speaking Engagements

As consumers of information, people tend to pay closer attention to those who are already established as authorities in their fields. Certainly, being a bestselling author is one of the surest ways to establish that level of authority. That’s the driving philosophy behind Media Authority Marketing’s latest marketing program. The company’s President, Lisa Williams, a bestselling author herself, recently announced the launch of her Bestselling Authors Program for Business Professionals.

According to Williams, “In eight months, since February 2014, we have created over 100 Amazon Bestselling Authors, not an easy feat to accomplish – and there are no shortcuts. Instead, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but at the end of the process a bestseller is born and the author is on his or her way to being an authority that people are willing to listen to.”

Media Authority Marketing helps professionals become bestselling authors on the Amazon Kindle. “The books we help become bestsellers were not written by Stephen King,” says Williams. “They were written by everyday people who have valuable information to share and realized the value of having a published book.”

The old adage is that “success begets success,” and that is how Williams approaches this new venture. Put simply: “There is no better way to be seen as an expert or authority on a subject than to have a bestselling book on the market. The important thing to remember is that it’s not as important that people have read your book. What’s important is that they know you have a book being a bestseller that brings the next level of credibility. Imagine what people will think when they go to your website or conduct an internet search about you and find that you have a bestseller! What they will think is that you are an authority in your field and they will pay closer attention to what you have to offer. Being an author with a published book – and being a bestselling author on top of that – is what sets you up to win.”

Williams goes on to say, “A big part of what we do is to launch a ‘bestseller campaign’ right before the book launches and right after the book becomes a bestseller. This campaign is what opens the door for more speaking engagements and attracting new customers, which is a business professional or entrepreneurs ultimate goal.”

Most professionals – and even authors themselves – have never thought of writing a book to increase their credibility, and don’t necessarily realize how a book can be a major piece of their marketing strategy. This strategy is often a mindset shift for them. An author should think of their book as a piece of their new media strategy that they can leverage to open doors for them and serve as an important tool to market their business and establish themselves as an authority in their chosen field.

With this approach, a business owner, speaker, coach, thought leader, or professional can create an identity as an expert and even celebrity status, simply because they have a book. Credibility is derived from being an author, as it validates a person as someone worth listening to. Statistics say that more than 80% of people desire to write a book, but less than 1% actually do. Why is that? Many people don’t attempt to write a book because it’s too overwhelming and they perceive it will cost too much money and take too much time. Marketing the book also becomes a concern, and therefore the average person shies away from becoming a published author.

Just think about how a person reacts when they see that someone has written a book and the book is on the bestseller list. Chances are one would think that person is a hardworking, creative, even amazing individual who must know what they are talking about.

Williams and her associates help both potential and existing authors who self-publish their books. Media Authority Marketing helps clients write a book, or make an existing book that is languishing on Amazon into a bestseller. As Williams often tells prospects, “Having a bestselling book on the market doesn’t just establish you as an authority in your field, but marks you as someone who people trust, admire, and want to learn from (or work with). This opens up a world of opportunities to speak as an expert in various arenas.”

Existing and potential authors don’t have to rely simply on Williams’ words. Many of the authors that became bestsellers under the program are eager to express their gratitude for their results. Aaron Ralph Thompson, author of Teleprompter Bible, recently said, “Being a bestseller has changed my business. Not only has it increased my credibility, but it has given me the confidence to pursue more speaking engagements.”

Results also speak volumes. Williams’ and her associates helped create fifteen bestselling authors in just a few weeks. This added to over twenty bestselling authors created in the month of July 2014. Williams and her group help entrepreneurs become authors in all non-fiction genres. Some of the bestsellers that have reached the top of the Amazon list are: No Mistakes Resumes and Your Resume Your Voice in the “Job Resumes” category, How To Completely Change Your Life In 30 Seconds and The Success Principles in the “Personal Success & Spirituality” category, and 500 Social Media Marketing Tips in the “Web Marketing” category.

Williams works closely with business professionals, speakers, coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs who desire to become authors. Once they have a bestseller under their belt, they are positioned more as experts in their industries. A bestselling book is one of the most effective tools in the marketing strategy of any professional.

This notion of establishing oneself as an authority in order to more effectively market their product is getting a lot of attention lately. Brian Horn, Authority Marketing writer for the Huffington Post, recently wrote, “If you want to know how to get your business on local news, get your community interested, and know more about your operations, position yourself as an authority so you will stand out.”

Horn added, “You will gain influence in your marketplace, and opportunities for speaking and partnerships with other authorities will readily present themselves to you. These, in turn, increase authority further and open even more doors.”

Williams is quick to point out the benefits of having a bestselling book to her clients. These benefits include: instant credibility, being viewed as an authority, being chosen over competitors, a boost of confidence, more speaking opportunities, and a great position from which to sell more books. When their books are published and live on Amazon, Media Authority Marketing’s group of book buyers help them hit the top-100 lists on Amazon.

Entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and professionals can gain more credibility and be chosen for more speaking engagements by becoming a published author and using that bestselling book as their new business card.

Those ready to find out how to become bestselling authors can contact Media Authority Marketing via email at or by calling (866) 386-2636.


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