Houston Window Expert, Jeff Ludy, Gives Homeowners Tips For Window Replacement Projects

When it comes to window replacement projects, many homeowners may be lost in unfamiliar territory, says Jeff Ludy of Houston Window Experts. Ludy, who has been specializing in window repair projects since the 1980s, works to help those who may be considering a window replacement in their home determine whether a window replacement makes sense for them and how, once they determine if the project is something they want to pursue, to ensure that they are making informed decisions to get the most out of their window home improvement project.

Many homeowners may not know what factors to look for in order to determine whether it may be time for a window replacement, so according to Ludy, that is often where he starts in his initial client consultations. “When I speak with homeowners about their windows, one of the first and most important pieces of information I ask for is what drove them to consider a window replacement,” says Ludy. “For most of the homeowners I talk to, it really comes down to comfort—either physical comfort, as in they are noticing that temperatures in certain rooms of the house are too hot or too cold, or financial comfort in terms of what they are paying for their heating and cooling costs.” Ludy also cites dust, insects or non-functioning windows that pose safety hazards as potential pain points that may drive homeowners to consider a window purchase.

Once a client comes to the decision that a window replacement is something they want to pursue, the next step is to determine how many and which windows will be replaced. This decision, says Ludy, is often based on budget concerns, among other factors. “Often, homeowners who start off replacing just some of their windows will end up having all of their windows replaced, once they see the benefits of [replacement windows],” says Ludy. “However, for those who want to stick with a partial replacement project, we tend to focus on a specific area of the home where there is a concentration of afternoon or evening sun.” Many of Ludy’s clients decide on a phased approach, where they will have the windows in the most uncomfortable rooms in the house replaced first, and then plan future projects with the goal of eventually replacing all of the windows in the house.

One of the top pieces of advice Ludy has for consumers considering window replacement is to make sure that they are purchasing a quality product. “It can be tempting when buying windows, just like with any purchase, to go for the least expensive or ‘bargain’ option, but windows are an important investment for your home, and buying an inferior product can have long-term consequences that go far beyond price,” cautions Ludy. He recommends that consumers do research through independent organizations like NFRC.org to gain performance information on the different types of windows on the market, and to purchase from national brand-name manufacturers. “I always recommend that my clients buy name-brand windows from national firms, because it offers them a layer of protection,” says Ludy. “After all, an installation company can go out of business, but if you purchase a name-brand window, then you will likely be protected by that brand’s warranty, even if your installer does become unavailable. It also allows you to price-shop the same item between different installers to make sure you are getting best possible price on a quality product.”

Customer Jennifer Bronk says, “I couldn’t be more pleased with the work quality, product and integrity of the company’s employees.  From the receptionist, to the laborers and sales, everything went smoothly from start to finish.  Price was extremely competitive, so much so, that I had my sliding glass doors replaced with french doors at the same time!”

More information on Jeff Ludy and Houston Window Experts is available at: http://www.houstonwindowexperts.com/. Jeff can be reached by phone at (832) 900-7024.