Houston Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis Uses Robotic Assisted Technology for the Greater Benefit for his Patients

Dr. Francis shares his knowledge, experience and information about Robotic Assisted Spinal Surgery Procedures and how this great advancement in technology benefits his patients with more accuracy, less pain and a faster recovery time.

Dr. Francis’ use of the Mazor Robotic Spine Surgery system is transforming spine surgery from freehand operations to highly-accurate, state-of-the-art procedures that raise the standard of care through better clinical outcomes. A preoperative blueprint of the ideal surgery is created in a virtual 3D environment. This plan is then used to actively guide the surgeon during the procedure to precisely implement the predefined plan within 1 mm accuracy (1/25th inch).

For almost a decade, Dr. Richard Francis and Spine Associates of Houston have dedicated its practice to treating patients with spine disorders. Recognizing that spine issues often lead to debilitating pain, Dr. Francis has expanded his practice to offer more comprehensive service to his patients.

In regard to the frequent need for surgical implants, Dr. Francis says, “What this instrument does is, it brings the physician and computer guided systems together so that through the use of a small robot the physician is provided with guidance as to where to place the necessary implant.”

This robotic spinal surgery technology may be an option for herniated disc surgery, scoliosis surgery, spinal stenosis surgery, cervical spine surgery, lumbar spine surgery, thoracic spine surgery, and spinal decompression surgery. Any seeking help for back pain or spine problems should speak with their spinal specialist to see if robotic spine surgery may be an option for treating their spinal problems.

Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance™ system for spinal surgery is now available as part of the advanced surgical program at Spine Associates. This safe and highly accurate system means Dr. Francis’ patients now have access to this state-of-the-art technology. Patients have a greater benefit from consistently accurate spine surgery – with less pain and fewer scars, and a faster recovery and return to daily activities.

When asked about the future of robotic surgery and other advancements in the use of robotics in surgical procedures, Dr. Richard Francis stated, ‘I think that we are only limited by our imagination.”

Some of Dr. Francis patients have shared their personal experiences and the benefits they received from this new Robotic Assisted Surgical Technology…

“I had a ruptured disc and had had the steroid shots and work therapy, but my ruptured disc did not go away. I had the new disc replacement surgery and was back to work as a designer in 11 days. My problem disc is gone and I feel like the Bionic Woman with no pain or limitations! I have full range of motion and NO MORE PAIN!!”

“At first visit to Dr. Francis – very quick and very professional.  Then I also got into surgery within 2 weeks.  I was treated very well by Dr. Francis and his associates.  I was also treated very well by the nurses and doctors at Foundation Surgical Hospital.  I am very pleased with my outcome after 5 weeks of physical therapy.  I would recommend Dr. Francis to anybody in need of spine care.”
Brandon S.

“I wanted to personally express my sincere heartfelt thanks to Dr. Francis and his staff at Spine Associates for the extremely high and very professional level of care provided to me with my recent surgery.  When I compare my pre-surgery condition (a 37° lumbar spinal curve) with my present condition (completely straight), the result is truly amazing. I am pleased to be able to tell you that I am now, a mere 6 weeks after surgery, back onto a regular diet and back to work for the second week at my office on a full-time basis.  Please rest assured that I shall have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your practice to friends and associates in need of the very best in spine care.”
Tim S.

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