Houston App Developer Greg Adams Helps Local Business Coach Increase Authority Through Digital Publishing

Houston App Developer, Greg Adams, is the founder of DigitalMediaAuthority.com and a managing partner of MobileAppsLabs.com. He is a Digital Publisher and consultant to owner-managed businesses, Authors, Speakers and Entrepreneurs. He helps his clients to increase and keep customers by using Digital Publishing, content optimization, video, podcasts, app development, app networks, mobile marketing and conversion strategies. This month, Adams is launching a new agency, Digital Multicast Authority, specializing in helping clients gain recognition and authority in their industry through the use of highly interactive and tailored digital magazines.

“Digital magazines have been out for about three years now, but they’ve really seen an explosion with the introduction of the iPad. The first two years the iPad sold over 80 million iPads—to put that into perspective—nothing has sold more than 80 million ever in history, not Henry Ford’s Model T not Mcdonald’s hamburgers, not bottles of Coca-Cola, not even Google did 80 million users in the first two years,” Adams explains. He adds, “iPads have been explosive. After that the iPad mini came out and their sales rocketed to more than 140 million devices.”

The large number of mobile devices available to consumers makes a large platform for digital publishing and an opportunity for Adams’ clients to reach huge audiences which were previously unreachable due to social media limitations or geographic limitations. Adams teaches business owners how to use mobile technology effectively and how to create a sustainable following for the long term. His passion for cutting edge mobile technology has even earned him the nickname “AppAdams.”

“People are used to reading magazines and subscriptions when they go to the doctor’s office, or the gym or just relaxing at home,” Adams explains. “But digital publications are new…now people can take their publications with them on their mobile device.”

In his research, Adams has found that people spend on average 2.5 hours consuming materials in a digital magazine. “When people leave the house in the morning, they leave with their keys, their wallet and their mobile device— it’s convenient for them.”

Last year, Adams worked with business coach Steve Scott and produced a digital magazine called The Houston Business Coach which allowed Scott to reach a much larger and more diverse group of potential clients than ever before. The digital magazine was directly responsible for Scott gaining several new high profile business coaching clients.

“Greg Adams consistently brings innovative ideas to our company and has the proven ability to drive these programs through with great success. He understands that we are not just selling products but that we are looking to connect with customers in a much more meaningful way. I know when I work with Greg that we get a mobile app that exposes our products to new customers, conveys highly memorable impressions, and most importantly builds loyalty with those we reach,” says Social Media Strategist Mary Borse at Bigdogz Marketing.

St. Paul Internet Marketing Expert Louis Foussard says, “Greg Adams and I have continued to collaborate on many new and emerging online marketing initiatives. We both share the interests in jumping the curve to build the next generation technologies that will become leaders in the mobile app world.”

Adams and his partner Drew Griffin have also collaborated and launched a new digital magazine called Multicaster Magazine. Multicaster Magazine focuses on trends in digital publishing such as podcasting, social casting, live casting and more. The magazine interviews experts from different industries who are using various cutting edge technologies to promote their businesses.

To learn more about Greg Adams and Digital Multicast Authority visit: http://www.digital multicastauthority.com.