House Cleaning Atlanta Company Offers Move Out Cleaning Special

It happens every month. The calls come in from tired apartment dwellers looking for that emergency cleaning service after moving all the furniture out of the apartment. Nobody wants to spend the extra time to clean the whole house when they have just finished moving their belongings out. The relief can be felt when the cleaners from Atlanta House Cleaning show up to take care of the tough cleaning tasks that have to be taken care of.

“Cleaning is a tiring and dirty job and often done in a hot apartment as doors are left open while moving and the air conditioning can’t keep up. That is not an environment our clients want to experience after spending all day moving furniture. We understand this”, says Dawn McClure of Atlanta House Cleaning Service.

Atlanta House Cleaning is happy to take that burden off their customer’s hands. They offer next day cleaning service in most cases to apartment residents in the North Atlanta area. Their House Cleaning business is located around the Perimeter Sandy Springs area where a lot of apartment complexes are situated. This month, they are offering a 10% discount for pre-bookings where residents can schedule cleaning appointments in advance.

“It is always better for us to know that our schedule is set in advance, so we are offering a discount for those who are proactive and book their house cleaning early. The few days before the end of the month are always a really busy time for us, but we can still fit in those last minute jobs. However, it does sometimes put a strain on our staff. Therefore, we wanted to reward those that can schedule early so we can plan accordingly.”, explained McClure.

Many apartment services now require a professional house cleaning company to do a move out cleaning and is part of the contract. An Atlanta house cleaning company is going to do a better job of cleaning in a shorter time frame than the residents could do on their own. The simple fact that they do this day after day and know what substances and tools to use to get the best results just makes sense. It is an investment that is needed to help get that security deposit back from the management company and a weight off the resident’s shoulders not to have to perform hours of cleaning at the end of a hard day of moving.

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