Hot New Yoga Trend: Seniors Yoga

Yoga studio owner, Sherry Zak Morris of Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, CA was selected out of thousands of yoga studio owners to appear in a national photo essay in USA Today on Seniors Yoga. Sherry Zak Morris was selected because of her track record of helping senior citizens take up yoga and her standing in the local community.

One senior said, “I left my cane at Chair Yoga class!”

“That about sums up why I do what I do teaching Senior Yoga,” Sherry explains. “I am honored to be of service to seniors around the world who are benefiting from our Gentle and Chair Yoga programs and free online classes. Through this media coverage, I hope that more seniors and Baby Boomers will seek out yoga so they too can reduce their need for structural aids and medication, feel less pain and put the spring back in their step!”

She adds, “The photos included in the photo essay were taken at my Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California where I teach weekly Gentle and Chair Yoga classes. I always say, ‘Actively aging with Gentle and Chair Yoga….it’s the yoga anyone can do!’ From Baby Boomers looking to feel good again or recuperate from an injury, to Seniors well into their 80’s and 90’s, I playfully encourage them to keep moving so they can feel better. We all are aging, but we can still feel good doing so.”

After 25 years in the high tech business, Sherry Zak Morris, felt the ravages of stress on her body and in her spirit. A final corporate lay-off prompted her to pursue the passion that helped her gain back her health and stamina – YOGA! Sherry is the Executive Producer and CEO of YogaJP, and Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy, a school for the Advanced Training of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers.

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