Holistic Healing and Wellness Professional Luannah Victoria Arana Hits 3 Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Resilience, Grace and the Art of Showing Up”

Holistic Healing and Wellness Professional Luannah Victoria Arana’s recent release, Resilience, Grace and the Art of Showing Up- A Spiritual Journey of Empowerment Against All Odds hit Amazon.com’s best seller list on January 27, 2020, and reached #1 New Release in Journal Writing and #1 New Release in Adventure Travel. It also climbed all the way to #3 in sales in three categories Inner Child, Adventure Travel and Journal Writing.

Resilience, Grace and the Art of Showing Up is an inspiring and uplifting book sharing the true story of one young woman’s determination to heal and rise above the traumas that had affected her in her youth by opening up to life and new possibilities of perceiving and understanding herself and life.

Through her observations of Nature, and gathering life teachings from many cultures, Luannah made the shift to empowerment. She enlightens the reader to explore the Power of Nature as a resource of wisdom and truth, as ally and healer, awakening us to our own innate resilience and capacity to re-create ourselves.

Luannah offers deep insights and tools of perception in how we can restore harmony and balance in our lives after trauma. It is a beautiful book supporting women’s spirituality and self-help through adventure travel, inner child awareness, spiritual healing, and journal writing. This book has the power & potential to change lives in beautiful and enriching ways.

In response to the book hitting #1, Arana stated, “I am grateful and excited for this news! It is my deepest hope that my story will shine a light in many hearts and minds, where it is otherwise so easy to get entangled in the shadows we all experience of depression, loneliness, anxiety and fear at times. Though all our lives and stories are different, there is an essence of nature’s resilience in all of us that we can connect to and nourish ourselves from. I wish that my book may inspire that inner awareness and understanding to awaken and evolve in those who read it, that they too can connect to their capacity to heal beyond trauma and create a love filled and happy life as I am doing, against all odds.”

“Resilience, Grace and the Art of Showing Up- A Spiritual Journey of Empowerment Against All Odds” is now available on Amazon.com in Kindle and Print formats at https://www.amazon.com/Resilience-Grace-Art-Showing-Empowerment/dp/1641842113/


Luannah has been a passionate writer since her youth writing her thoughts, experiences and poetry in her journals her entire life. She has written many articles on Personal Growth, Spirituality and Healing published in a local magazine that sparked her passion to write even more.

Luannah now owns and operates a beautiful Healing Centre, Serenity By The Sea, on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, where she now offers the healing techniques that helped her heal to other women looking to reclaim their heart and life back from trauma. 

She is happily married, living with her husband and ten-year-old son.

To learn more about Luannah, go to https://www.luannahvictoriaaranaauthor.com/