Helping Their Professional Clients to Stand Out in the Crowd, Digital Media Storm Focuses on Reputation Marketing

Paul Robertson, noted Online Marketing Strategist and owner of Digital Media Storm, is changing the way that Professionals market themselves on the internet. Digital Media Storm is a highly focused Internet Marketing Agency that spotlights Professionals (Medical Professionals, Attorneys, Architects, Consultants, etc.) and their practices, helping them stand out in their niche and positioning them as the very best in their field.

“In just the last year, there’s been a significant shift in how people seek out professional services and especially how they determine just who they will engage”, says Robertson. “People used to simply ask others they knew for a recommendation or referral. Today’s fast paced society and the acceptance of online opinion, has resulted in near replacement of personal recommendations with online reviews, even for professionals.”

In fact, a recent Nielson Global Trust in Advertising Survey showed that in response to the question of “Who do you trust?” –  70% trusted “Consumer opinions posted online”, second only to “Recommendations from people I know”.

Robertson adds, “Two things really changed regarding public acceptance and trust in online reviews. First, the review sites themselves: Google, Yelp, etc. began to rigorously police the reviews, requiring the reviewer to sign in and going so far as to document the actual computer from with the review originated. This dramatically increased the legitimacy of the review.

Secondly, there’s been a shift in what’s called “Crowd Sourcing” in the public psyche, with the true acceptance of the collective knowledge and opinion of a group.” He went on to site a personal example that most everyone could relate to.

“I recently suffered a knee injury while skiing. Living in a Mountain Community, it wasn’t hard to find many acquaintances who’d had a similar experience. When soliciting opinions on an Orthopod to consult, there was almost universal recommendation of one in particular… and I STILL went online, thinking that a broader group would give me a better view of who was the very best in their field.”

Robertson points out that it’s more than just being seen on the internet, it’s about being chosen.  He noted that being on the first page of Google, without a reputation, or with one that is lacking when compared with others, is actually worse than not appearing at all.

“Think of it”, he says, “professionals spend all that time and money struggling to get to the first page of Google, and unwittingly invite a comparison with 5 to 10 others providing the same service”. Additionally, Digital Media Storm takes that 5 Star Reputation that they help their clients build, and focuses their efforts on marketing that reputation. Placing notations of that Reputation on the client’s website, Facebook pages, Linked In and other internet properties dramatically expands the power of that carefully built reputation.

The result is not just public recognition of the Professional or their Practice’s name, but on the very thing that the public considers most important, that they are engaging the very best in that field. Professionals and their business managers can reach Paul Robertson directly or request a personalized strategy session  via email at