Héctor RC introduces a new Exclusive Couples Retreat “BUILD AN EMPIRE TOGETHER”

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Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo is the #1 Hispanic high-end business mentor and coach, in the world, with clients spanning 5 continents. He is an award-winning, and international, best-selling author, founder of several companies including a modeling agency, a fashion, trends and news magazine, and Sé el Jefe, the largest training and business platform for Hispanic entrepreneurs in the world.

Born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, Héctor graduated as an Air-Force officer, where he served for nearly 16 years, specializing in navigation and instruction. He later went on to obtain a second degree in Science (Meteorology).  At age 28, while still in the Air Force, Héctor decided to change paths and pursue the life of an entrepreneur. During the following decade, he juggled the life of a professional specialist for the United Nations, utilizing his early training, and as an entrepreneur. In just a few short years, he multiplied his earnings by 50 through the companies that he pioneered and through online ventures. Throughout his career, Héctor earned a remarkable reputation for being an expert in business structures, marketing, global branding, sales, and negotiation.

As Héctor maintains his rapidly increasing momentum, in strengthening his own brand, one of his missions is to help couples realize that they are capable of achieving incredible success, together. It simply is a matter of believing that accomplishing goals collectively IS attainable for anyone who wishes it to be their reality.

Introducing Héctor’s newest, and most interactive, project yet – an exclusive couples retreat, BUILD AN EMPIRE TOGETHER. Partnering with his wife, Isabell Rodriguez, an award-winning actress and author, whose award-winning documentary, “Say Something,” novel, “Isabell Then and Now” and self-betterment program, “Rebuild Your Life” have made her one of the most sought after coaches, and mentors, for women that have been through abuse and trauma in both Scandinavia and the U.S.

In a beautiful, private beach residence in Costa Rica couples will learn how to work in synergy and discover their collaborative power as a unit. With exclusive training sessions, attendees will leave as full-fledged power couples. 

The Build an Empire Together experience will provide:

  • World-class business, and personal, development retreat.
  • Unbeatable learning opportunity with multi-millionaire experts from around the world.
  • High-level, international business networking opportunity.
  • An unforgettable experience of a lifetime in a luxurious Costa Rican mansion.
  • Extraordinary lessons, tips and strategies that will further shape your dreams, and visions, of creating a better, more fulfilling life with your partner.

Héctor RC is a master at teaching his students how to ALWAYS WIN! The Build an Empire Together couples retreat is about just that, but on a whole new level. Learn how to work in synergy, with your life partner, and discover your collaborative power as you learn from one of the industry’s finest mentors, coaches and leaders, Héctor RC. Push forward at all times and believe that success, happiness and fulfillment are yours for the taking.

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