Healthcare Marketer Challenges Hospitals To Lead Vs. Follow In Consumer Facing Digital Content

Health Industry Marketing’s Leader, Linda Carey, wants healthcare organizations to challenge themselves to a higher standard in their digital communications. She says, “Digital content marketing is here to stay and presents tremendous opportunities for healthcare industry participants to lead or fall woefully behind.”

Carey, who spent 22 years working and living in the formidable Silicon Valley, possesses a demonstrable track record of optimizing revenues and results for top ranked companies including healthcare suppliers and service providers.

According to Carey, “My foray into digital content and mobile applications was a natural migration in order to help clients navigate through uncharted waters.” Today, her goal is to help organizations who are committed to leadership in crafting a comprehensive digital strategy. The implementation of the strategy follows with a digital calendar for the year complemented with “vetted web tools” and smart people carefully selected to  deliver personalized content to employees and consumers. This entire service is curated and delivered seamlessly and elegantly.

Carey says, “The benefits of effective digital marketing are numerous and can actually be part of a companies’ risk mitigation strategy in addition to optimizing revenues.”

Health Industry Marketing ( offers a complement of web related services. Key elements include article creation, high authority online news syndication, customized webinars, educational e-books, e-learning courses, executive dashboard and “explainer” videos. Last, but not least, are customized mobile applications that are HIPPA compliant, designed to mitigate risks and are competitively priced.

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