Health Thought Leaders Share Insight Into Opportunities for Health During and After COVID-19

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While millions of people have been in lock down in the past few months, healthcare professionals see opportunity to create better healthcare advantages for the average person created by being forced to stay home and learn new ways of evaluating health and healthcare.

Professional healthcare leaders from around the nation share their thoughts on the health-related opportunities created by COVID-19 for 2020 and beyond.

Re-evaluate: Health is Wealth

Prior the COVID-19, many people took health for granted. Dr. Elizabeth Hughes of Seattle, Washington, observed, “This pandemic has turned that assumption on its head. We’ve been forced to take a long hard look at what we think about health and to ask fundamental questions like ‘What can I do to stay healthy?’”

Dr. Hughes said people should double-down on doing what strengthens health. She said, “Do things like connecting with others, taking time to play, getting outside, and focusing on their big picture purpose.”

Far from being trivial, Dr. Hughes said, “They are truly the building blocks of good health. Whatever comes next, each of us is going to need to cultivate our own health, because good health cannot be (and has never been) guaranteed by a vaccination or a medication or any other technology.”

“Health starts within you, and now, more than ever before, is the time to learn how to rebuild and maintain your own health,” she said.

Healthcare Online Opens Opportunities for Health Workers

Former owner of a Senior Home Health Care Agency, Doria Musaga, retired RN, of Columbia, Maryland, sees the internet as an opportunity highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. She currently brings health and wellness advice through an online forum and offline with an FDA
approved medical device that addresses health from a very unique perspective.

“I see the vast opportunity for retiring nurses, other offline health professionals and a wide audience of health care workers who want and need to learn how to grow their client base or start online businesses,” Musaga said.  “The digital world is the new norm and I can help them achieve that goal. Most healthcare workers have skills and knowledge that they can use to bring about a better world.”

Natural Health Consultations Move Online

Ruth Rodriguez, D.O., Natural Solutions with Dr Ruth, Merritt Island, Florida, is expanding on the opportunities in tele-health or virtual consultations for children’s and family healthcare.

“The best opportunity I see coming from COVID-19 crisis is that I can now increase my virtual consultation business Natural Solutions with Dr Ruth.”

Dr. Ruth is board certified pediatrician and Amazon No. 1 International best-selling author of “Natural Solutions for your Child and Family.”

“ I consult parents with plant-based child health remedies and holistic lifestyle improvements for their whole family. I can now do this more effective and market myself completely as an online consultation service.”

Dr. Ruth sees the online possibilities as being an opportunity to provide better healthcare for families. “It is an easier way for parents to learn and get advice on how to boost their child’s and families health with natural medicines from the comfort and convenience of their own homes or anywhere else they have internet service.”

Shifting from Offline to Online For Human and Animal Healthcare

Patrick Ziemer, Magna Wave Corporate, Louisville, Kentucky, said his company had to re-evaluate its entire business model and has pivoted from how he approaches customers and delivers his products and services.

“MagnaWave PEMF pre-COVID-19 our practitioners provided therapy treatments in-person to their customers, which all but completely stopped with the lockdowns,” he said. pre-COVID-19, our pivot was to provide devices to our practitioners that they could then rent to their customers for personal use on themselves and their animals. As a result, he said, “Our practitioners maintained their professional credibility as product coaches and continued to provide the therapy to their customers thereby keeping them in business.”
“The move also has resulted in additional sales of home-use devices which have helped the company as well as the practitioners,” he said.

MagnaWave also introduced several low dollar products for the practitioners to market in order to stay connected with their customers. As a result of the pivot, Ziemer said that business is up for the year and all 35 office employees have remained in place at full pay during the pandemic.

“While the MagnaWave business model has probably permanently changed,” he said, “our mission of improving the health and wellness of our customers has remained on point.”

Safety and Convenience

Overall, COVID-19 has allowed healthcare professionals to develop new methods and modes for delivering healthcare online and lessons learned to improve health options both virtually and in an office setting. It’s a modern way of doing medicine now instead of exposing patients to other people and doctors to close spaces.

As Dr. Ruth said, “It’s a safer, easier, and more convenient way for everyone overall; from infants to animals to receive our much needed medical care.”

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