Gus Pasquale, Element Funding Principal, Reaches Amazon Best Seller List with New Book

Gus Pasquale became an Amazon Best Selling Author with his contribution to the new book, “The Essential Guide to Buying and Selling Homes: Insights from America’s Top Agents and Loan Officers.” The book made its debut on Amazon at Number 1 in the “Real Estate Sales” category and at Number 2 in the “Mortgage” category. Amazon also listed the book as the Number 1 Hot New Release in multiple categories.

Pasquale along with nine other top real estate professionals around the United States contributed chapters to the book. The book provides insights to consumers that are interested in buying or selling a residence. Sellers will learn the most important factors for selling their home at the highest price in the shortest time. Topics covered include preparation for sale, determining market value, exposing and marketing the home to the most potential buyers, optimal timing, and negotiations. Buyers will learn how to get prepared for a home purchase, understand options for financing, find the ideal home, determine a fair price, negotiate the best deal, and make sure they understand what they are buying in the due diligence period. Readers will learn how to select the best mortgage product when buying or refinancing and why choosing the right lender is critical to successful real estate transactions. In his chapter, Pasquale discusses how the right mortgage is a critical part of successful real estate transactions.

“The Essential Guide to Buying and Selling Homes: Insights from America’s Top Agents and Loan Officers” is currently available in a Kindle eBook edition at The paperback version will be available soon on Amazon and from other booksellers.

Gus Pasquale has almost 30 years in the mortgage industry and has had a front row seat to real estate market cycles from the boom, the bust, and the recovery. He is a co-founder of Element Funding and the Division Principal for Element Funding’s Florida Operations. His expertise has been in residential and builder mortgages with personal productivity eclipsing $900 million in production. NMLS# 334373.

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