God Made Millionaire – A Beacon Of Hope In A Global Recession

On November 26th 2001, TC and Vickie Bradley, made a simple business decision that would be the seeds of establishing what they believe will be a global empire. They registered the domain name GodMadeMillionaire.com. “I simply do not believe that there are any ‘self-made millionaires,’ ” says Bradley. “The term self-made millionaire is a lie as no man is an island and gets to the top alone and people of faith believe that God is the source of all wealth so that is why we registered the domain name back in 2001.”

This year, the Bradley’s trademarked the name and are planning to build global brand and community around the term “God Made Millionaire” including a t-shirt line, a variety of promotional  items and their own radio show where God Made Millionaires can be interviewed and share their stories of faith with the community. “The term ‘God Made Millionaire’ has never been a “catchy phrase” for me, but a powerful declaration of my faith,” says Bradley. “I believe that God Made Millionaire will truly be a beacon of hope in a brutal global recession that has impacted so many people.”

TC Bradley would know a little something about faith as it was on March 20, 2012, that Bradley, at 48 years of age, went into sudden cardiac arrest at his home and was clinically dead for 1.5 to 2 minutes before he was revived by paramedics. “I know how blessed I am to survive,” said Bradley. “I was told when I came back that I was the 1% and it was only after I did the research I discovered that only 1 out of ten survive an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest and those who do survive usually have some sort of deficit because of the lack of blood flow to the brain and vital organs and I have no such deficits.”

Within 90 days of being released from the hospital Bradley wrote and released his book, “God Says When” on Amazon where it reached bestseller status. “God Says When” is not a book about a ‘near death experience’ because I did not have a near death experience, I actually died. It is a book of hope and inspiration of my miracle story told from my perspective, the paramedics perspective and my wife’s perspective. No matter how bleak your situation or circumstances may be, there is always hope and God Made Millionaire will be a beacon of financial hope for people of faith,” said Bradley.

You can read more about the God Made Millionaire brand at http://GodMadeMillionaire.com.