Global Friendship Ambassador And Runner, Stan Cottrell, Named Honorary Chairman Of The World Chamber of Commerce

Atlanta, Georgia – The World Chamber of Commerce is naming inspirational runner and international businessman, Stan Cottrell, WCC Honorary Chairman for his many achievements, global people-to-people diplomacy, promoting prosperity in the world, and undying commitment to bettering lives.

In making the announcement, Solange Warner, WCC Chairman, went on to voice the Chamber’s full endorsement and support of 76-year-old Cottrell’s upcoming trans-USA run event, The Amazing Friendship Run 2020. This historic run begins in Los Angeles, California on April 15, 2020 and will finish 100 days later on the Capitol Grounds in Washington, D.C. There will be festivities and encouraging messages throughout the course as all are inspired to dream big dreams and achieve better health.

Cottrell has been embraced in parts of the world closed to Westerners. He has opened critical lines of communication between leaders of foreign governments and conducted negotiations with multiple “high profile” countries to establish trade relationships. He helped raise tens of millions of dollars for many humanitarian causes such as the Diabetes, Heart and Lung Associations, The Salvation Army, orphanages and more while making ultra-distance runs in the U.S.A. and abroad to “break down walls that divide one human heart from another.”

Major General Bernard Loeffke once introduced Cottrell to a gathering in Washington, D.C. as “America’s Best-Kept Secret” because of his major impacts at the governmental and public level.

In a world where so much strife and tribulation exist, WCC’s Warner notes that Cottrell brings a powerful and refreshing approach to international relations and our common humanity. Espousing a simple belief that each person has a unique gift of friendship to offer the world, his messages of hope and encouragement have built bridges for generations to come.

Warner admits, “I am in awe at what Stan accomplishes at his present age of 76. The power of his heart combined with the stamina of his body speaks to the young and old of any language and is universally understood. As he passes a group of children, they run to catch up, then to keep up. Then they simply smile telling themselves that someday they, too, will do the impossible in their lives and achieve whatever they can dream.”

She continues, “Such are the message and impact Stan leaves behind him through every country he travels. This mission has lasted throughout his lifetime, and its messages will endure long after in the lives he has touched.”

Stan Cottrell’s unique and unprecedented running endeavors have influenced, inspired and touched more than one billion lives over the past five decades. Now as Honorary Chairman, his contributions should further the World Chamber of Commerce’s mission to promote global business and foster cultural, social and humanitarian exchange across political and geographic divides.


WCC is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which serves as a liaison between organizations and businesses to further develop the U.S. economy, creating synergy and helping American companies tap lucrative global markets. Its initiatives enjoy supporting efforts from U.S. Government, embassies, consulates, multilateral organizations, bi-national chambers of commerce, and businesses promoting international commerce, economic, cultural and social exchange. WCC invites world leaders such as Stan Cottrell to work collaboratively to become part of a historical moment to unify countries through common financial, cultural and humanitarian goals. More: 


Friendship Ambassador and Fitness Witness, Stan Cottrell is The World Distance Runner, People-to-People Goodwill Ambassador, international businessman, inspirational speaker and author. Over five+ decades he ran 250,000+ miles through 40 countries inspiring and touching the lives of over one billion people. A former Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Guinness World Record Holder for his first trans-USA run, he is recipient of over eleven Presidential and Congressional recognitions as well as numerous foreign government and civic accolades and the prized HAFL Award (American Fitness Hall of Fame). Cottrell holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Western Kentucky University, multiple Health Coach and Fitness Trainer certifications, and highest International Toastmasters awards.

Cottrell is Chairman of Friendship Sports Association, Inc. 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Tucker, Georgia fostering hope, cross-cultural friendship and opportunity. FSA promotes fitness, health and children’s causes worldwide through sports, events and education.


April 15–July 31, 2020, Stan Cottrell will run 30 miles per day for 100 days from Los Angeles to D.C. The trans-USA run event is sponsored by Friendship Sports Association (FSA) and Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM armtrackr®) to inspire all ages for healthy, fit and successful lives and raise funds for children’s charity. The run event will be broadcast daily and captured in a non-fiction feature film (Producer Jason Barbec, CIFF). The run team and sponsors are offering free events and sponsor products along the route. The public is invited to join the run and festivities.