Glen Rothquel – Business Growth and Marketing Consultant Helps Businesses with Pain Free Marketing

Originally born in Africa, Glen Rothquel has been an Australian resident since 1985. He spent many years working in the investment banking industry, having started when the Australian banking system was being deregulated.

After working for some of the largest banks in the world on 3 continents, Glen felt the urge to work for himself and he entered the entrepreneurial world. Since that time, over the last twenty years, he has owned, invested in, bought or sold numerous businesses in the wholesale, retail and services industries.

After selling his successful Financial Advising practice, Glen more recently has been involved in helping to raise capital for early stage companies. When the financial crisis of 2008 happened, investment monies dried up for the majority of those seeking it.

To make businesses more attractive to investors, Glen started getting involved in setting up marketing systems so that they could generate additional revenue to make the businesses more attractive to investors.

Using the expertise that he developed in marketing businesses and helping them to raise more revenue has become the focus of Glen Rothquel’s own business.

Glen has perfected his strategies into a five-step system. The first step is assisting his clients in becoming very clear about who they are and why somebody should want to do business with them. They then determine who their ideal market is, so that all their efforts can be tailored behind that.

Other steps include setting up lead capture mechanisms which then lead to using what Glen calls a trip wire. The trip wire sale is a highly compelling, low cost, high value offer which sets up the business-customer relationship. This sale illustrates to the customer the value and quality which the business can provide in future use of services or purchases. Customers develop the feeling of trust in what the business can deliver to them.

A specific expertise that Glen demonstrates is working on profit maximizers to help businesses grow their revenue from existing customers that are often forgotten about. It is very expensive to develop a relationship with a new customer and it is therefore far more cost-effective to develop that relationship further once it is established. Many businesses fail to do this as they continue to strive for more new customers.

Glen has refined eighteen different profit drivers that he uses to help a business maximize their customer value and get people to spend more money each time they buy, to get them to buy more often, to stay with you longer so that their lifetime value is increased and also to get them to the stage where they become advocates for your business and start referring others.

Glen specializes in helping businesses that have an existing customer base and which have stalled in their growth. Many businesses are not skilled at converting their leads into paying customers.

According to Glen, “For example, a typical business might run an ad, get a hundred inquiries and make two sales and they’ll say, well, advertising doesn’t work. So working through the tactics that we use, we might be able to convert those two to ten, which makes a profound difference in the business.

We will then also develop follow-up mechanisms for the other ninety who didn’t buy. So maybe, over time, you can convert another ten or twenty or thirty of those ninety into paying customers as well. So it’s not just a case if somebody doesn’t buy, forget about them, they’re no good. It’s putting mechanisms in place to continue to nurture those and be in touch with them and make offers to them and convert more of that initial hundred into paying customers.”

He summarizes, “I help them to get more leads. I help them to make more sales. I help them to make more profits and I help them to have more time to themselves.”

Glen’s passion for helping businesses comes from his own experiences as a business owner, where he has known the frustration of lack of cash flow and working long hours for little money. He truly enjoys helping business owners get out of that trap and developing a business so that it becomes an asset and provides the lifestyle that they hoped it would be when they first started.

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