Glen Rothquel – Amazon Best Selling Author at Leads 2 Profits Reveals The 3 Step System That Helps Struggling Business Get More Sales.

Many small to medium businesses are struggling, and have been doing it tough for some time. The economy is down, competition is up, overheads continue to spiral and business owners just don’t know how to turn things around.

Marketing and Growth Consultant, Glen Rothquel in Sydney, Australia has developed a proven 3 Step Automated System using easy technology any business can adopt to generate quality lead-flow, maximize conversion to customers, optimize lifetime customer value and increase the number of referral they receive from satisfied customers, which results in higher profits for the business.

According to Glen, “Many business owners are tired of the constant cash flow struggle, working long hours for little income and are frustrated as they just don’t know how to change things. They are overwhelmed by the whole online marketing thing as they get so many different people telling them their product or service is the solution when what they need is a simple strategy that can be implemented and once set up, works on auto-pilot. Just getting new leads from the internet is only half the solution. It’s what they do with those leads that will make a difference to their business. They need an automated system that will get new leads from multiple sources and then convert the leads into quality customers over time. Not everyone is ready to buy now. They need a nurturing system for the people not ready to buy so they can keep in touch with them and regularly provide useful, educational information, so when the future buyers are ready, they choose that business. Most businesses forget about people that don’t buy immediately, which is a big mistake. They also need a system that communicates regularly with existing customers and looks after them as most customers leave a business because they don’t feel appreciated, so they buy elsewhere. All of this can be set up to work for the business on auto pilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Glen helps businesses set up the easy to install and operate technology to generate, nurture and convert prospects which results in higher conversion, more loyal customers and greater profits.

Glen is an Amazon Best Selling Author in 3 different categories and has bought, sold, started or invested in over 16 businesses in the past 20 years so he has plenty of practical experience in running a successful business.

Glen summarizes by saying: “It’s a sad fact that too many business owners struggle to run a profitable and sustainable business when they don’t have to. Running a business is actually quite simple. It’s us people who make it difficult. There are simple, time tested and proven things any business can implement that will dramatically transform their sales and profits so they don’t need to be slave to the business”

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