Gifted Healing Facilitator, Life Coach, and Author, Yves Nager, Offers Workshops Inspired by His New Book, Hawaiian Rebirth

Not every author can take their material and teach it. But Yves Nager can. Yves has written a book that offers guidance and now he also is offering workshops that can make transformation truly possible.  

In Hawaiian Rebirth, Yves Nager leads you on a marvelous journey of spiritual and professional self-discovery. The book begins with Yves’ miraculous story of healing and rebirth in Hawaii at the beginning of his own journey of transformation. Then he leads you through a complete road map that guides you to discovering your gifts, finding your life’s purpose, and fulfilling your destiny interwoven within fascinating stories from the author’s worldwide adventures.


Hawaiian Rebirth- Questions, Stories, and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life’s Purpose was an Amazon Hot New Release in October 2018. It continues to inspire and uplift readers to live their lives with passion, joy and abundance. As a skills Life Coach, Yves knows how to support clients to break through their obstacles and transcend their limitations.

Yves Nager states, “I’ve overcome my own life challenges and I want to support others to transcend their emotions and embrace the power of forgiveness and gratitude. Once this happens, miracles are can manifest. “

Yves suggests that each of us has the same goal of finding our life’s purpose and ultimately fulfilling our destiny, but we’re all headed to different places. The processes and insights revealed in Hawaiian Rebirth helps you commit to moving in the direction of your desires, despite challenges and obstacles.

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 Hawaiian Rebirth- Questions, Stories, and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life’s Purpose is available on in Paperback and Kindle.