Gerri Holgerson-Johnson Book On Elite Real Estate Professionals Soars To No.1 On Amazon Best Seller List

New York- New Life Vision, LLC recently announced that the book “Elite Real Estate Professionals, Top Leaders In The Industry!” reached number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List, on the day the book debuted.

“Gerri Holgerson-Johnson’s chapter was a vital and valuable contribution to the success of the book” according to publisher TC Bradley

“Gerri Holgerson-Johnson is an amazing business leader, and I am thrilled we signed her to this book deal,” said Bradley.

Gerri is originally from Massachusetts and raised in Lowell. She now lives in Bonita Springs, Florida with her husband and two Shui tzus. Throughout high school, she never had a clear thought or direction to what she would do with her life. After high school, she attended two semesters of college before realizing that she had too many areas of interest and she struggled to settle down into just one. Gerri has worked summers and part-time since she was 14 years old, so she chose to continue working until she could decide on a course of action.

She then took a job as a bank teller, advanced to the position of branch manager and assistant treasurer where she wrote the first set of teller and customer service representatives training manuals that were implemented company-wide. She continued her banking career for ten years before starting a family. She was extremely fortunate to be a stay at home mom for her three sons. Gerri moved a couple of times from Massachusetts to South Dakota and finally settled full time in Florida.

Along the way, she had the opportunity to successfully renovate and sell several homes before considering real estate as her next career. While she is an active, licensed Realtor, she has existed more under the cover of “Secret Agent” rather than as a Super Star Agent, which then led to her interest in investment real estate and becoming involved with the Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate Investment group.

Gerri is currently finishing a whole house remodel with her husband Randall, and she sees herself moving toward simplifying many of my other interests, so she can focus on building a strong investment portfolio.

“Elite Real Estate Professionals, Top Leaders In The Industry!”” is available at Amazon: