George Jones Is Providing The Insight Businesses Need To Succeed

Providing innovative leadership and financial management, George Jones of Gidus Solutions, LLC ( is helping clients reach higher, do more, and become more profitable. Specializing in helping small to midsize businesses and nonprofits, Jones is leading the way toward helping business owners become goal oriented, focus, and move toward greater success. With his experience, Jones is able to help business owners refine their individual approaches to their individual business – across a wide array of diverse clientele. Jones’ strategies work because he takes time with each client, helping them every step of the way. Jones specializes in offering a streamlined view of innovation that helps clients stop seeing roadblocks and impossibility and allows them to tap into their creative vision. In addition, his perspective on improving operations management allows clients to shed old management styles and processes that are counterproductive or out of date in favor of newer and more modern approaches that enhance businesses rather than hold them back.

With Gidus Solutions, LLC, businesses are able to optimize their operations and benefit from effective financial management.  Working with bricks-and-mortar establishments and online entities, Gidus Solutions, LLC offers fully customizable service options that are sized to fit individual businesses and nonprofits. Jones is helping clients expand their businesses, gain more influence in their respective fields, and increase their revenues. “I provide management consultation to a non-profit that has resulted in a 20% increase in revenue in 2 years, an income generating real estate expansion, a retirement plan for the CEO, improved regulatory compliance, and improved organizational governance,” Jones says.

For another client, Jones was able to free up enough resources in one business to allow his client the opportunity to start another one. Another client, a nonprofit online music education program, was in need of his assistance to determine how to structure their services. Jones was able to help them secure a contract with a public school district and give them valuable insight the development of the organization’s still-developing private teaching program. “I help clients focus on what they do best. I also help clients improve leadership of people and management of resources to meet goals and objectives,” Jones says. “And, I help clients to use a simplified approach to innovation to ensure the longevity of the business or organization.”

In addition, Gidus Solutions, LLC was selected to oversee project and operations management for a telemedicine firm that was in the midst of an expansion and overhaul. With Jones’ help, the transition was as painless as possible even though it involved protocols for an eleven state expansion. For Jones, though, seeing his clients succeed does more than just increase the profile of Gidus Solutions, LLC. It brings him personal satisfaction, as well. “I enjoy seeing leaders and owners get excited about a new process we’ve implemented or skill that has been learned and the ability for it to help the business or organization meet or exceed its goals,” Jones says. Offering on-site or remote management, Gidus Solutions, LLC is committed to helping clients achieve excellence by providing excellent service with the right fit in mind.

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