Georg Finder, Orange County Expert Witness In Credit Damage | Your Legal Right To Recovery From Injury To Your Credit Reputation

Georg Finder, Orange County expert witness in credit damage says, “You do not have to suffer if you have a legal situation that has caused you financial or economic harm and that includes damage to your credit.”

He explains, the damage to your credit can occur because of a breach of contract, fraud, divorce, and certainly there is always personal injury. Those are the most common reasons that people have credit damage inflicted on them.

The number one misconception or mistake about credit reputation damage is that nobody will pay for it and that it’s just a matter of, “Well, it’s too bad that happened to you. Your reputation is now ruined, and you’re just going to have to suffer with it.”

According to Finder, the reality is you have the legal right to be paid for any injury done to you and that includes damage to your credit.

The actions that cause credit damage are various and the results are different depending on who’s doing it. For instance, it may be a former loved one; your spouse, husband or wife, who really hates the idea that the two of you are getting divorced and takes special pains to ruin your reputation and your joint accounts. One of the parties will just become very vicious and/or negligent in following the orders in the court regarding the divorce.

Finder adds, many attorneys and many judges are not up-to-date on the rights of an individual who has been harmed by their spouse; that there has got to be equal treatment for both parties and anyone who breaks the rules has to pay for that breakage.

“There was a case a few years ago of a husband who tried to hide his assets from his wife so he wouldn’t have to give her anything. He lost big because the rule now specifies that if one party tries to hide the assets in a divorce that party will have to give the assets to the other party when it is discovered. That’s how severe and important it is to have fair treatment for both parties,” Finder says.

If you have a personal injury case, auto accident or slip and fall as examples, you may have to live on savings and credit because you have no income. You end up using it all up. When the credit runs out, which is usually does within a very short period of time, you can’t make the payments.

Because those payments are not being made due to the personal injury, the problem becomes part of the personal injury case.

In asking for and developing the amount of money that will be paid for, the personal injury the attorney will typically ask for, and get, is replacement of lost income.

Many times the problems caused by the lack of income are not included in the credit damage demand. While they replenish the bank account, all of the bruises on the credit report, the late payments, the repossessions, even foreclosure in some cases, may not be addressed.

The injured party may figure, “Oh it’s just part of the accident. I guess I have to take care of it myself.” In reality, they are entitled to compensation for that because it is a direct result of the injury case.

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