Gary Monfeli, Founder of The Home Inspection Man, Speaks on Business Innovators Radio

Since 2000, Gary Monfeli, a licensed home inspector, has been inspecting homes through his company The Home Inspection Man. He not only enjoys helping others but he loves teaching others about issues they may have and reassuring them that every problem can be fixed. Gary was interviewed by Alicia Dibrell-Williams on Business Innovators Radio where he goes into more detail as to what exactly a home inspection entails and shares additional information concerning his company and employees.

Gary is very knowledgeable in the industry and it definitely shows. He shares his experiences with the American Society of Home Inspectors describing that he taught classes for them in 2010 and they actually flew him around the world to share his expertise. His passion for home inspections derives from something very unique. Gary explains in his interview that he loves explaining how things work. Explaining the ins and outs of a house is a common task, especially when it comes to first time home buyers. Gary also enjoys assisting others in an area they may not be very familiar with. By examining their home to ensure its safety, he feels that he can tremendously help others which is something he holds close to his heart.

The Home Inspection Man comes into a house and inspects, the exterior and interior but then they take it a step further inspecting things such as the ejection pumps, sump pumps, and mold and radon testing. Furthermore, they take the electrical panel off and look at your electrical wiring. Also, living in Illinois, examining the finished basements is always important as well because often this is where the most problems are typically found based on Gary’s experience. The roof, gutters, siding, attic, plumbing, heating, air, windows and stairs are also areas that are examined. Gary and his team want to guarantee that you will be safe and healthy while living in your home. Also, given that most of their clients are buyers, they want to reassure that you are making a good investment. To do this, they provide a list of all the issues they would suggest be fixed and prioritize them accordingly. To further assist the home owner or seller, both a picture report and a written report are provided along with suggestions on how to fix the issues. His company even has insurance that covers a buyer or the realtor if they miss something during their inspection. Additionally, home buyers get a one-year membership to The Home Owners Network, which is an app that allows you to send a picture and a question about anything around your house. Within the next couple of hours, an expert will get back to you about the issue.

Gary doesn’t just come in to your house and administer an inspection. He creates lasting relationships with his clients to ensure that they feel comfortable with him. He also thoroughly educates them so there are no surprises behind the walls. In order to become a part of Gary’s team, you must be licensed and have at least two years of experience. He wants to be sure that his team will conduct a great inspection just as he would. Also, he stressed that this job is not about just punching your time card and getting through the houses. You must know how to educate the clients and provide friendly, thorough services.

Covering almost all of northern Illinois, The Home Inspection Man is a company that you can trust will provide quality, helpful service. To contact them, you can call 888-690-6903 or you can go to or There is a book online button allowing you to book the job online.

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