Gabrielle Paoli, Energy Healer And Psychotherapist Explains The Benefits Of Grounding

Gabrielle Paoli, a well-known Energy Healer and Psychotherapist, explains the importance of being grounded, and why and when we should practice it. Paoli explains, “When we ground ourselves, we improve our physical and emotional health and consequently our life experiences. When we are ungrounded we feel unstable, unable to think clearly, detached and at risk of losing control of our emotions by being at the mercy of simple but unexpected life circumstances that set us off.”

To gain a deeper appreciation of grounding, Gabrielle refers to other seemly different system which operates under the same concept. She explains, “For example: As in electrical installations, to make sure we are safe, we ensure that any dangerous excess of electricity has a safe outlet to allow the system to continue to operate optimally. And so it is with our physical and energetic bodies; we also need an outlet to release unhelpful low vibrations to continue to function optimally.”

According to Paoli, from the perspective of an energy healer as well as a psychotherapist, it is highly recommended to practice some type of grounding exercise every morning to set up the day feeling settled and in control of your energy. However, she acknowledges that it might be necessary to practice it more than once a day during stressful times or in the presence of anxiety and or depression related issues.

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