Fund Your Org Aims To Raise One Billion Dollars For Charities In Need

In a powerhouse team-up that’s guaranteed to fire up the movers and shakers in charity fundraising, auctioneers par excellence Rick Miller and Jason Ledlow team up to head Fund Your Org, a dynamic company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Together, they head a dream team that aims to raise $100 million a year, to reach $1 billion fundraising dollars for charities within 10 years.

CEO, Rick Miller does not consider this too much of a tall order. He founded Fund Your Org on the back of his career experience in advising non-profit leaders, planning committees, and leadership boards on formulating and executing an effective fundraising strategy.

As Fund Your Org’s president, Jason Ledlow complements Miller’s vision and strategy through expert operations management, strategic alliances, and dynamic implementation to meet targets.

This power alliance promises to provide organizations with valuable expertise to, not just meet but exceed, event fundraising goals, banking on their experience doing so at over 300 events around the country, and counting.

The heart of Fund Your Org’s innovative fundraising strategy is their tried-and-tested P.I.E. Method. By focusing on having the right People, Items and Energy, organizations can implement fundraising strategies that maximize revenue generation at their fundraising events.

Using this method, Fund Your Org reverse-engineers an organization’s event, helping the organization exceed their fundraising goals.

“We’ve doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled, the financial goal of the event. And it’s because of the energy we bring. It’s because of our team and execution of the P.I.E. Method,” Rick Miller proudly explains.

Fund Your Org’s experienced staff and auction teams make sure that each fundraiser is a huge win for both donors and beneficiaries, bringing value to the process through efficient collaboration.

This dynamic duo looks to finish 2018 with approximately 80 charity fundraising auctions under their belt, scaling up to 100 by 2019. Hitting the century mark annually is the target, with an aggressive goal to reach $1 billion in ten years.

One billion fundraising dollars in 10 years may seem like a lofty goal to most, but for these seasoned fundraising veterans, such a goal is both realistic and doable.

No strangers to the intricacies of a sometimes fickle industry, Miller and Ledlow seem determined to chart their own course, as they work to bring rigorous preparation and excellent opportunities together and make their own luck, on their way to the big leagues.

“We are not just an auctioneering company. We are an integral part of your fundraising planning process and strategy,” Miller and Ledlow emphasize.

Fighting words indeed, from a dream team that’s always poised to rally behind your cause.

Contacting Fund Your Org:

Fund Your Org offers free 15-minute consultations to help organizations find out how their fundraising event can  be a huge success. To schedule an initial consultation, call (800) 532-6016.