Front Porch Party Rentals Dazzles Party and Event Planners With Unique Insights and Experience

Front Porch Party Rentals is leading the event and party industry with unprecedented insights for your special occasions. Led by none other than Robin Summerlin, former founder of the famous “Front Porch Restaurant and Catering” in Elizabethtown, N.C., his voice of experience can help you host an extraordinary event.

Robin is no stranger to the restaurant, catering and special event planning business. His expertise with a diversity of special events and people has propelled him to the top of his game when it comes to satisfied customers. 

Whether you are a large corporate event planner, small business owner, exhibition sales and marketing facilitator, high school prom planner, church event planner, wedding event planner or simply an individual family seeking tables, chairs and linens for any event, Front Porch Party Rentals can meet and exceed your expectations.

The fact is that event planning can be incredibly challenging. The smallest details are significant when it comes to providing one’s guest a delightful experience. Indeed, the party rental industry is replete with stories of mishaps that occurred due to either a company’s failure to do technical inspections on equipment or a “do-it-yourself” consumer whose cost savings measures led to an epic fail.

With Front Porch Party Rentals, there is no reason to worry about a thing. Robin and his team inspect every item that goes out the door of their showroom. Linens and tabletop items are washed, sanitized and ready to use safely. Tents are inspected for safety as well as cleanliness. On-site they are expertly erected by their staff.

When it comes to managing a frenetic set-up due to stress and pressures of the client, Robin is unflappable. His attitude and “calm” emanate from a deep well of knowledge and experience. This attribute is simply one more reason to use the services of  Front Porch Party Rentals.

Simply put, most party and event planners do not have experience in such matters. Many of them “don’t know what they don’t know”. Robin can save one’s foray into a party rental which may otherwise leave one lost and regretful for “going it alone”. 

When it comes to parties and events, Robin’s deep well of experience will save you money and emotional stress. Why try to “reinvent the wheel” when you have a highly competent ally available to help you?

Just contact the “Party Rental Whisperer“. Later, take a deep breath and relax.

So, go ahead. Take the leap to stress-free party and event planning. Contact Front Porch Party Rentals today! It is never too late to start booking tables, chairs, tents and linens for 2021.

It is also not too late to host a last-minute Thanksgiving or Christmas event and celebrate life!

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