From Welfare To Award Winning Wealth Manager- Mickey Mikeworth Shares Her Story

CFO for hire, Mickey Mikeworth of Minnesota, aka the “Resource Guru” is an inspiration to many business owners and women across America. A self-professed math geek and 2 time “Top Women in Finance” winner, one of only 12 women to share that distinction. Mikeworth is one of Minnesota’s top financial advisors and has been named a Five Star Wealth Manager Award winner. She is also a speaker and private consultant. Mikeworth has quite an impressive bio and a long list of awards and accomplishments, just visit for an overview. We got the opportunity to get know her recently during a short interview. Mickey shares her mission, what makes her tick and how she helps businesses reach their goals of financial and personal balance.

SBT: In looking at your profile I noticed quite a few very impressive awards. How did you get started and what inspired you to start your business?

Mickey Mikeworth: I was a welfare mom who made $416 a month. I was sleep-deprived, nuts, going to school full time, doing research, parenting, writing my thesis and eating cheese tortillas for dinner every night. I knew there was a better life and seriously. I needed to make money. My mom told me about a part time job that changed my entire future, I started working in a finance firm answering the phone and I fell in love with understanding wealth. I finished my thesis on Women with Aids in Brazil and changed my whole direction. Now I am in the top 1% of Financial Advisors in Minnesota.

SBT: That’s quite a climb. What would you say makes your business unique?

Mickey Mikeworth: My primary service is being a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) consultant for small and not-so-small businesses.

I love to laugh and look for the brightness of every business plan. Because I have been in the business trenches so long I have absorbed a deep insight to what has to happen in the “real life” of business. One of those lessons is that hard work is not the main ingredient to boil up success. Hard work only pays off if it is in a solid direction and can financially make sense; otherwise it becomes busy work.

I have a very informal personality that allows room in the process of business growth for learning new things. Business owners have a lot to teach every consultant. By being willing to learn more about every part of a company I’m able to make effective recommendations and insure that funds and resources are invested properly for maximum results.

SBT:  What would you consider to be your specialty?

Mickey Mikeworth: My specialty is treating people like people. My clients have thriving businesses and have to be the boss all the time, it’s great to have a place to partner and problem solve that you get to just be yourself. I am also great at being real and asking the hard questions in a way that is nonjudgmental. For entrepreneurs their business is their life’s art project and I believe they need a partnership that has the ability to be colorful and creative. I am that intellectual partner.

SBT: So you’re that person they can bounce ideas off. And get truthful and objective but sound business advice from.  That being said, can you give us a few tips our readers would appreciate?

Mickey Mikeworth: First, I’d say that as an executive it’s okay to answer your own phone and manage your own calendar. I still do both. Size matters in who you hire as a consultant. There are very specific things you have to know at certain financial points in business. I service mostly companies under 12 million in annual revenue. A larger company may have different needs and be on a different path.

The place you don’t want to fail at is in the growth cycles. That is why I have sliding fee options and advocate options for businesses with less that 1 million in annual revenue. Don’t limit yourself by location. It is not a prime indicator of how you do business. My clients are across the entire United States and I do travel across the country.

Also, building community is a critical part of doing business. My team has created over 1 million dollars of benefit back into the community through community partnerships since the financial crisis by teaching everyday people how to rearrange resources. This can do wonders for a business in terms of revenue, branding and more.

SBT: We appreciate you taking the time to give us a small glimpse into your consulting philosophy and learn more about you.

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