From Real Nightmare Back To “American Dream,” Educates Business Owners

Every year ambitious Americans take the plunge and start their own business, but what begins for many as an American Dream quickly becomes a nightmare. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, nearly half of all startup businesses do not make it through their 5th year and the outlook for those that do is grim—8 in 10 startups ultimately fail.

So how does one make the move from budding entrepreneur to up-and-coming small business owners? Of course there is no single answer that fits every business, but a common problem is an underdeveloped marketing strategy. A successful business is more than just a great product, it must also develop a marketing plan that continually cultivates and expands their consumer base, which can be hard to achieve for the average entrepreneur without a marketing degree.

Thankfully, there are experts that can help remedy small business owners’ marketing headaches. James Kademan, CEO of, is one of those experts. Kademan and his colleagues help small businesses improve their marketing strategies by examining shortcomings and identifying areas for improvement in their business models. According to Kademan, his company “sets businesses up with systems: we help them out with marketing and time management, and we give them the skills necessary to grow their business away from that American nightmare that it’s become, and into that American dream that they hoped it would be.”

What sets Kademan apart from his competitors is his ability to visually present his recommendations in a straightforward and approachable way, a particularly valuable skill given the material. Small business owners aren’t left behind by heavy vocabulary and complex sales charts at Kademan ensures his personalized presentations are easy to digest, making him a leader in accessible strategizing. “is a rare and needed service in the business world,” says Kademan and his clients agree. Kademan’s marketing team is “reliable, fair, and have a commitment to resolving situations,” noted one recent client.

Kademan has been turning heads in his industry for years and was recognized by as one of “40 Executives Under 40” in 2010. For James Kademan, one thing is clear: his business is more than creating a marketing plan; each client is an opportunity to turn one aspiring entrepreneur into the success they intend to be.

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