Frank Kern, Celebrity Entrepreneur, Interviewed on Leveraging Social Media to Increase Exposure, Build Brands, Attract Ideal Clients & Scale Profits on the Brand Doctor Podcast

Since 1999, Frank Kern has been teaching others how to leverage the power of the Internet to earn money. While he built his empire through the power of creating, cultivating, and maintaining a large list, he has recently embraced the power of social media for branding combined with direct response.

Beyond building his own Internet marketing enterprise, Frank Kern has been dedicated to helping other people build their businesses online so they can make money selling things on the Internet in much the same way he has been able to. He makes a point of telling people that what he does is not “easy” but when done consistently and correctly over time, it is effective.

Throughout the interview, Kern discusses his initial reluctance to embrace both branding and social media, reminding the audience that he doesn’t believe he is as interesting as a Kardashian and that his audience isn’t interested in the minutia of his daily life. But he did eventually, and very recently, come to embrace social media not only for branding himself to new audiences but also for a means to interact and provide direct response to his audience.

Frank believes that without the combination of social media and direct response, very little can be accomplished. He also warns that many people attempting to engage audiences through social media often miss the most important aspect of doing so, at least when the goal is to increase profits. That would be “the offer.” Frank goes on to advise, “Your social media marketing should do three things: Provide value which builds good will, and then should make an offer.”

Brand Doctor Podcast host, Henry Kaminski, Jr. adds to that the importance of honesty, stating, “If you just tell them the TRUTH, you’re going to generate more sales, more influence + more exposure online.”

Learn more about Frank Kern, his history as an entrepreneur, and how he can help ordinary people improve their online marketing presence, visibility, personal brands, and income by visiting and by listening to the live interview on Unique