Francisca V. Alonso, AV Architects And Builders, A Mission To Create Quality And Beauty In Architecture

Francisca V. Alonso comes from a family of Architects and Builders. Her father, Melvin Villarroel Roldan, designed luxury resorts and hotels on the Mediterranean coast and all over the world. He was an Internationally acclaimed Spanish Architect. You might say that she had Architecture and Building running in her veins. Certainly, growing up with such a world-renowned Architect had a profound impact on Francisca Alonso and greatly influenced her ability to learn first-hand and to carry on the legacy that so many have come to admire. “In my family, we have a mission to create great Architecture that functions well for people, that is a value passed down from my dad,” Alonso recalled.

Alonso graduated from The School of Architecture at The Catholic University, magna cum laude. She also studied Architecture in Washington, D.C. She has more than 20 years of experience in Architectural and Interior Design. While she was born in Santiago (Chile), she spent most of her growing up years in Costa del Sol (Spain).

What kind of advice does Alonso give those she creates masterpiece homes for? “Resale shouldn’t be your primary focus. Don’t focus on selling 8 to 10 years from now. Focus on enjoying the life you live in your home 365 days a year starting now!”

In 2001, Francisca and her husband, Antonio Alonso, who is also her business partner, launched AV Architects with a burning passion for Architecture and a vision to provide comprehensive architectural services to high-end homeowners in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. A year later, they came to realize that third-party builders were compromising many of their designs. Since Francisca and Antonio will accept nothing less than 100% satisfaction as the “finished product,” to solve the issue of builders not following their award-winning architectural designs and concepts, in 2002, they added a sister company which they named AV Builders. Closing the gap ensures that Francisca and Antonio, along with their dedicated staff, can deliver a seamless construction process and provide even their most distinguished clients with a single point of accountability from concept to completion.

Her unprecedented family background, professional training, and dedication to her craft has led her to establish a unique design-build approach that is evidenced in many homes all over the Great Falls and McLean, Virginia area, thus maximizing the client’s investment budget. Because Francisca and Antonio are committed to the “master builder approach,” they have assembled an extraordinary team of construction specialists and craftsmen who transform the marriage of their client’s ideas with their years of proven and award-winning performance, into an exciting reality.

With this distinctive design-build approach, Francisca and her team are able to control costs during design and protect the design vision during construction. This is a most unusual and pleasing combination to the discriminating buyer and brings a peace of mind that normally is not obtained during the process when the plans are handed off to a Builder, who, even with years of training and experience, can never perfectly execute what the Architects, and those who hire them to make the plans, intended. AV Architects and Builders are winners of the “Best of Houzz 2014 Service Award,” they have been featured in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine, Home and Design Magazine, I Am Modern and 100 Top Designers Portfolio 2014.

To learn more about AV Architects and Builders, or to schedule an initial consultation at no charge, you can visit their website at or call them at (703) 865-5065.